Main Naa Bhoolungi 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 19th March 2014 Written Update

Mohanto says Samaira comes from a decent family and how will she do that. He then asks Madhu what did you do. She gives her clarification. Mohanto commands Madhu to call Samaira for dinner this time. Madhu agrees.

Neeraj gives bag with money to doctor’s assistant. Assistant says he has got papers and other evidence. Neeraj warns him not to tell anything about Samaira, else he will kill him. Assistant takes money and goes.

Samaira gets call from Madhu. Samaira taunts her if she has got a guest and she wants her to sing. Madhu says she thought she would not have spoken rudely to her and felt she would accepted her dinner invitation. She then invites her for dinner at a 7 star restaurant. Samaira says she prefers home as it has personal touch. Madhu agrees and invites

her for dinner at 8 p.m.

Assistant goes to his home and checks money. He gets happy. He then opens Samaira’s original file. Just then, Neeraj enters his house and starts beating him for cheating. Assistant says he made a mistake and won’t do it again. Neeraj then warns assistant not to show his face again and goes with evidence file. Assistant sees one more copy in his book shelf…

Samaira reaches Madhu’s home. Maid opens her car door and welcomes. He takes her near the pool table and says Madhu will come. Madhu comes and greets her. She says you told you like dinner a bit personal, so I arranged this for you. Samaira thanks her and then asks about Aditya. Madhu says Aditya is at home. She has invited her for dinner, not Aditya. Samaira says she just wanted to say sorry to Aditya. Madhu asks why? Samaira says she wanted to clear the lift misunderstanding, it was not his fault. Madhu says Aditya is her husband and she knows him better and says she will convey her sorry to Aditya. Samaira thinks she will see till when Aditya will be inside. Samaira then acts as feeling drowsy and falls unconscious. Madhu gets tensed and calls her maid. She asks him to call Aditya. Samaira does not get up. Aditya comes and carries Samaira inside their house.

Aarya sees Samaira unconscious and asks what happeend. Madhu asks her to call doctor. Doctor comes and checks her. Doctor says she is stresssed and asks to take care of her. Sunaina and Mohanto asks her not to take too much stress due to job. Samaira says she lives alone in this city and does not have family here. Madhu says if she is alone, she should take care of herself more. Samaira says if her family was here, it would have taken care of her. Madhu says she will drop her home and asks her to come. Samaira sees Aditya. She then holds Aditya’s hand and then acts as being weak and drowsy. She asks sorry. Mohanto says to stay here today. Samaira says she does not want to trouble them. Sunaina also insists her to stay here tonight. Madhu also angrily says stay here. Samaira says if all you all are insisting, she will stay. Suniana says she will send her dinner in the room itself. Samaira says she will have dinner with them as she has dinner alone always. Sunaina says she will arrange dinner table and call her. They all disperse. Samaira then sees Neeraj’s missed calls. She calls him and says she will not come today and tells him something. Neeraj says she should not be between enemies. Samaira says she has to face them and reach her destiny soon.

Mohanto and his family are at a dinner table. Samaira comes and touches Aditya’s hand. Sunaina asks how is she now and tries to serve food. Samaira says she is fine now. She asks if she can call her aunty and says she is feeling good and like she is having food with her family. She asks Madhu if she is not feeling bad that she is staying here. Madhu says there is a lot of space here. Samaira says space should be in heart and she knows she has a big heart. She even knows she is possessive about Samaira.

Precap: Sunaina praises Samaira. Mohanto says she will reach her destiny soon.

Update Credit to: MA

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