Main Naa Bhoolungi 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Main Naa Bhoolungi 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 19th February 2014 Written Update

EVerybody is waiting for Shikha’s boss in the court room. Shikha’s boss comes, but goons abduct him. Neeraj sees them carrying boss in a car and runs behind the car. Boss’s phone falls from the car and Neeraj picks it. Shikha’s lawyers Kumar informs judge that Shikha’s boss has been kidnapped and says Aditya has done it. Aditya’s lawyer Mirchandani says they dont have any evidence and are making just stories to drag the case. Shikha’s lawyer says they will buy one more evidence and bring it and asks judge to announce his judgement. Shikha asks for some more time from the judge, but Mirchandani starts alleging her again and says she cant fool around with her emotional drama and it needs evidence. Judge also backs Mirchandani. Judge informs that he will

give judgement after 2 days and adjourns the court.

Shikha speaks to Aditya. She says she knows that he kidnapped her boss and he does not have courage to free him. She asks him not to trouble her boss as he is innocent. She says she will win the case and wait and watch. Manav starts crying. Shikha goes near him and says she will get him soon. Mohanto asks her to stop now and takes Manav. Shikha again warns Aditya. He says all the best and goes. Avinash says he does not know how to help Shikha. Shikha says with DNA test, she can prove prove it. She shows Manav’s teether and says with Manav’s saliva, she can prove he is her son. Court will have to agree then that she is Manav’s mother, not Madhurima.

Shikha and Mahi go to a hospital. Neeraj follows them. Shikha goes near Neeraj and asks him to stop here. Neeraj says if doctor will deny to help her, what will she do. Shikha says she does not need his help. Mahi warns him to stay away from her. She asks why didn’t he give evidence against Aditya in court. He says he would have done that, but it is of no use as he is a criminal and court wont accept his evidence.

Aditya speaks to Mirchandani and thanks her. Mohanto comes with Arnav and gives it to Madhu. He then says he was worried before court proceedings, but after truth came out, he is relaxed now. Madhu says she is worried that Shikha will take Arnav from her. Mohanto assures her nobody will take Arnav from them and goes.

Shikha gives teether to the doctor. He asks her not to worry, he himself will come to court if needed. He asks for Shikha’s blood sample and he will inform nurse to take blood. He assures her before next hearing, DNA report will be ready. Shikha thanks him and walks out. She goes to Neeraj and says not to doubt everybody and goes.

Shikha holds Arnav’s teddy and cries. Neeraj sees that standing outside her house. He goes to Sai baba’s temple and says he didn’t go to temple till now as he saw only fraud people like Aditya and he didnt have faith in god. Now after seeing Shikha, he is believing in god now. He prays god to protect Shikha and to give back her Manav.

Shikha goes home with DNA report. Sudha asks why is she crying. Shikha says she got the report and it says Manav is her son. Everybody gets happy hearing that. Shiha says with DNA report, nobody can prove her wrong now. Shikha is very happy.

Court proceeddings start. Lawyer Kumar asks permission to call Madhurima in witness box. He asks her if Arnav is her son and she must be loving her a lot. He asks if she knows about her clothes, toys, etc. She says she knows. He shows 2 teethers and asks which teether is Arnav’s. She points one teether and goes. Mirchandani asks if Kumar is trying to say Madhu is not Arnav’s mom by showing the teether. Kumar says Madhurima may be a mother, but he wants to prove that Madhurima is not Arnav’s mother. He says DNA test papers and says he can Madhu is not Arnav’s mother. He says they took Arnav’s saliva sample from teether and did DNA testing and it is clearly written in it that Shikha and Arnav’s DNA samples match. It proves Arnav is Shikha’s son Manav. Mohanto and his family is shocked to hear that and Shikha’s family get happy. Mirchandani says it is illegal to do DNA test without court’s permission. Judge also backs Mirchandani and says Kumar as a lawyer, he should be knowing the truth. Shikha gets up and says it was the only proof for her to prove her innocence and asks judge to look at the kid once and decide. Judge permits and checks the DNA report. He says accoring to report, Shikha is Manav’s mother. Shikha, her family, and lawyer. Mohanto and others are shocked.

Precap: Maid takes Arnav in a pram. Shikha sees him and goes near Arnav. Madhu also goes to pick Arnav, but Arnav is not the pram. Madhu shouts and asks maid where is he. Mohanto also shouts where is Arnav..

Update Credit to: MA

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