Main Naa Bhoolungi 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 18th March 2014 Written Update

Madhu and Aditya are upset that Samaira didn’t come to the party yet. Madhu scolds Jai and asks him to find out about Samaira. Jai calls Samaira, but she does not pick his call. Madhu asks him to keep trying. Reporters comes and asks when will Samaira’s performance start. Madhu asks them to have patience, Samaira will come soon. Just then, Samaira starts her performance with Ang lagade ree mohe rang lagade re song. Everybody gets happy. Samaira goes near Aditya and sings. Maghu gets angry seeing that. She sings song pointing at Adiyta and Madhu getting upset.

Samaira then drags Jai and Aarya and dances. She even drags Madhu to dance, but she does not dance and just claps. After the performance, reporters asks who is she felling. She says this is her first holi perforamce

and is very happy. Madhu says Aditya Samaira is talking like she is the organizer. Samaira then comes and asks Madhu if she liked her performance and then says some people does not come at all. MAdhu says if she is referring to her dinner invitation and asks sorry for not coming. Samaira says thank god that I had dinner with someone else, but who would have performed if I would not have come. She then applies colour on Madhu and wishes happy holi. She then picks colour but does not apply it and applies it to Aarya instead.

Madhu says she is acting too much these days, she is taunting much instead of singing. Aditya picks colour and goes near Samaira and asks why didn’t she apply holi on him. Samaira says he is afraid ofhis wife and asks to thank her for not applying colour on her, else she would have been angry and he would have run behind her convincing her.

Madhu asks Samaira to sing for her friend. She says she will not sing. She says she did not come for dinner in her home, so she wont sing. Madhu says her not to forget she works for her and not with her and goes.

Neeraj says Samaira she would not have done that, they would have felt bad. Samaira says she is just taking advantage of their mistake of making her their company’s brand ambassador. Her family is suffering because of that. Neeraj says he got a new hope with this incident. Samaira says they are not celebrating holi but can wish each other. She shakes hands with him and wishes happy holi. Neeraj says he will go and meet the assitant now and he knows how to handle those people.

Madhu is very angry about Samaira’s behaviour and complains to Mohanto and asks him to sack her out from their company. Jai says they can’t do that. Even Mohanto backs him. Jai says when they have faith on their own decision, then how will people believe them. Madhu says investors were dissappointed by them now. Mohanto says investors are handful, but customers are many, so they can’t disappoint customers. He says decisions taken by brain are always right, one taken by heart can be wrong or right. He commands nobody will remove Samaira.

Precap: Madhu calls Samaira and invites her for dinner at a 7 star restaurant. She says she prefers home than restaurant. Madhu says to be her guest tonight at her home.

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