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Sudha asks Vineet did he get the sweets. Vineet says yes. Shikha tells Sudha that Mahi is ready. Door bell rings. Sudha goes to open the door and looks at Shikha. Shikha goes inside as Nimesh’s family doesn’t know about her. Nimesh and his family come and are greeted by everyone. Sudha brings Mahi. Nimesh looks at her. Shikha looks at Mahi from the distance. Nimesh’s mother praises Mahi and says Nimesh told them about Shikha. She says, she is not with us at this moment. Shikha feels sad. Neeraj goes to Shikha. Avinash says, he wants his kids to be happy. Nimesh’s Dad says shall we complete the roka cermony. Mahi’s mom in law does the ritual. They exchange the rings. Shikha is happy. Neeraj is about to keep his hand on Samaira’s hand. She folds her hand.

Mahi looks at Shikha. Everyone smiles. Sudha gives sweets to Nimesh’s family. Shikha gets emotional and gets teary eyed.

Mohanto gets a call from Aditya’s secretary. She tells him that Aditya’s phone is not connecting and he didn’t come to office too. Mohanto calls on Aditya’s no. and it comes as switched off. Mohanto wonders where is he? Aditya is still locked in the vault. Shikha congrats Mahi. Mahi thanks her. Aditya prays Samaira please come soon.

Sudha gets sad thinking about past. Shikha tells her to forget it and says see what I will do with Aditya. Aditya thinks he has seen so much money today and is trapped here. Sudha and her family eat sweets. Shikha comes home and thinks she can sleep peacefully today. She removes her mangalsutra and rests on bed. She says Good night Aditya. I am sure, you will get a good sleep there.

Next morning, Shikha wakes up from sleep and smiles saying she had a peaceful night. She wears her mangalsutra and thinks Aditya will remember yesterday night always. She plans to make Mohanto open the vault door. She comes to Mohanto and Sunaina’s room and tells them that Aditya didn’t come home since night. Sunaina and Mohanto are shocked. Samaira says, I am worried for him. Mohanto says, he didn’t go without telling us. Sunaina thinks, Aditya might be worried about his health problem. Samaira says, he didn’t tell me. Sunaina says, we shall complain to the police. Samaira gets tensed and tells them that Aditya was tensed. She saw some keys in his hands which was strange. Mohanto thinks about his vault keys and checks the locker. He doesn’t find the keys and gets shocked and angry. He says, he knows where is Aditya. Samaira smiles.

Aditya wakes up in the vault. Mohanto opens the vault shocking Aditya. He looks at them. Samaira acts to be worried for him and shows fake concern for him. She asks, how did you live in this vault alone. She asks him to come and have food. Mohanto eyes him angrily and leaves. Samaira asks him to come. Aditya feels like fainting. Samaira says, we should go to the doctor. Aditya says, he is fine. She thinks Mohanto will be very angry on him. Sunaina asks Mohanto not to get angry on Aditya. Mohanto gets very angry and says one day he will get heart attack if this continues to happen. Samaira and Aditya come home. Aditya calls him Dad. Mohanto asks him to shut up. He asks, why did you steal my vault keys. How dare you. Aarya says, you should be ashamed. Sunaina asks Aarya to keep quiet.

Mohanto asks Aditya, why he went there. Aditya struggles to answer. Mohanto says, you might have went there to read my new will. I did a mistake by making you my son in law. Sunaina takes Aditya’s side and asks Mohanto to let him eat food. Mohanto continues to scold Aditya. Samaira feels pity on Aditya. Mohanto says, you are still a greedy man who married Madhu for money. Samaira asks Mohanto to stop scolding Aditya and says this has happened because of him. She says, she wanted to see vault and that’s why Aditya took her inside the vault. He got locked inside. I decided to inform you indirectly. She says sorry Aditya. He is not at fault and asks Mohanto to forgive Aditya. Sunaina asks him to rest and she will send food for him. Aditya says ok. Samaira thinks she will defeat him daily.

Aditya thanks Samaira for saving him from Mohanto’s anger. He says, I don’t have words to thank you. I am sure that even Maddy couldn’t do this for me. I felt for the first time what the real life partner means. Samaira looks on smilingly.

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