Main Naa Bhoolungi 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Main Naa Bhoolungi 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 18th February 2014 Written Update

Avinash and Shikha meet Sameer’s fake mother. Shikha says she ruined her life and now why does she want to help. Shikha says she is still telling lie. Fake mom says Sameer gave me money to act as a mother and told he loves you, so I helped him. Fake mom says she is like her daughter, she is also very sad seeing Shikha like this. She asks for Shikha’s forgiveness. She says she will help her any time she needed. Shikha asks if she is really repenting for her deeds and asks if she will be her evidence against Sameer. Fake mom says she is ready to help her.

Madhu sees about Shikha and gets happy. Maid comes with crying Arnav and says he is not consoling and asks Madhu to console him. she takes Arnav and starts scolding Arnav. Mahonto is seen descending the stairs.

Aditya comes and asks Madhu to behave herself and signals about Mahonto. She changes her behaviour and starts consoling her. Mahonto comes and sees that. Madhu asks Arnav to say hello to nanu. Mahonto takes Arnav with him. Aditya asks her to take care. Madhu asks him what did Shikha say. Aditya says samething happened as usual and she was shocked to see Madhu’s name instead of her name in hospital register. Madhu gets happy and says there is no evidence against them now. Aditya says this game is over for her.

Avinash and Shikha reach home. Sudha asks them what happened. Shikha says her name is changed as Madhurima there. Even, no evidence came with her. Nobody will help her, even her office people. Everybody is afraid of Sudha. Sudha gets worried and says how will we fight the case now. Shikha says god will help us. Sameer’s fake mom met us in Mumbai and she wants to help us. Sudha gets happy listening this. Shikha says she will help me against Aditya Jagannath.

Shikha sees news about her in newspaper. Avinash comes and praises her for being courageous. He informs about the court case today. He says defence lawyer will try to frighten you and asks her to keep her courage. Shikha gets her boss’s call. He says he will he will come to help her. Shikha thanks her. Shikha informs her parents that boss is coming to help her. They get happy.

Shikha and her parents reach court venue. Moahonto and Aditya and his family also comes. Shikha sees Manav and tries to meet him, but Avinash stops him. Judge asks to start the proceedings. Shikha’s lawyers briefs about the case and calls Shikha. Shikha tells her whole story. Aditya’s lawyer starts her proceedings and asks Shikha to remove her veil. She says she does not have eithe mangalsutra or sindoor. Shikha says why will I wear mangalsutra for a person who tried to kill me. Lawyer then asks about any photo evidence or something. Shikha says she does not have anything. Lawyer asks her she would come prepared, least people would have been entertained.

Sameer’s lawyer starts alleging Shikha. Shikha says she has evidence with her. They call Sameer’s fake mom.

Sameer’s fake mom comes into witness box and says Shikha gave her money to act as Sameer’s mom. Shikha says she is telling lie. Fake mom says she is telling truth and Shikha gave me money to tell all this in court. Aditya’s lawyer starts arguing again and says it is just waste of time. Shikha does not have any evidence. Shikha says they can do DNA test. Lawyer says Sameer is a big man and does not have time for all this. She says first proof yourself that your are his wife, then we will talk about the child. Shikha’s lawyer asks some time until Shika’s boss reaches. Judge gives lunch break and goes. Sudha says she can’t believe how Sameer’s fake mom told lie for money. Shikha says her boss will help her. Stalker Neeraj listens to her conversation from behind.

Aditya calls somebody and smiles. Madhu asks if everything is alright. He says it is perfect.

Precap: Shikha says Aditya that she knows he kidnapped her boss and he does not have courage to leave him and requests him not to trouble her boss.

Update Credit to: MA

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