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Aditya asks Neeraj to stay in Madhu’s room, else she will fall asleep. He smirks and goes out. Madhu says Neeraj she will not sleep and to go from there. Neeraj says not to worry about him. Madhu starts walking around and says she will not sleep.

Aditya enters Mohanto/Sunaina’s room, sees them sleeping, opens locker and takes keys from it. He comes out, sees Samaira outside and asks what is she doing. Samaira says what is he doing outside Mohanto’s room at 2 a.m. and which are keys are these. Aditya says this is Mohanto’s vault’s keys which has his money and confidential matter. Samaira says he is hiding something and asks him to tell. He says today Mohanto made a new will and he wants to see it. Samaira says let us wait till Mohanto tells about it

himself. Aditya says we cannot believe him, he may transfer whole property in Madhu’s name, now that he is not MAdhu’s husband he will lose everything if it happens. Samaira thinks for money, he can betray anyone. Aditya says he wants to check the will at any cost. Samaira insists that she will accompany home. Aditya agrees.

Neeraj keeps an eye on Madhu tries to be awake with great difficulty but faals asleep. Neeraj takes out an injection. She gets up and requests not to inject her.

Aditya takes Samaira to a vault room. Samaira surprisingly sees the wealth there. Aditya says the power which he always talks about, he will get it by taking over Jagannath group. Saamira thinks he betrayed me for this money, now she will teach him a lesson. She sees a red door lock button while he checks documents. She says she is feeling short of breath and will go out and wait for him. She presses button and goes out while Aditya gets locked inside.

Mohanto says Sunaina that Dr. Awasthi/Neeraj is a good doc, but dunno when Madhu will get well. Neeraj comes and says it depends on his will, Samaira will get well soon. While going out, he clashes with Aarya. Aarya thinks she has seen him before.

Samaira starts her drama and asks Aditya how to open the vault. Aditya asks her to get him out soon. Samaira thinks he tried to kill her for money, now he would drink and eat same money inside.

Samaira is traveling with Neeraj in his car. She informs him about locking Aditya in a vault and asks till when a person can be alive in a vault. He says one day. She says hope there were cameras there, she would have enjoyed video.

Sudha asks Maahi to get ready for her roka ceremony. Mahi says she is feeling sad without didi/Shikha. Shikha comes there and they both hug each other happily. Sudha also gets happy seeing Shikha and Manav. She then gets sad. Shikha asks what happeend. She says she is happy seeeing everyone smiling but gets sad thinking about Aditya’s betrayal, hope Nimesh does not betray us again. Shikha says it wont happen, she investigated about Nimesh herself and he is a good guy. She asks Mahi to get ready for her prince soon. She sends Sudha out go get Maahi ready. Madhi gets ready in a beautiful dress. Samaira praises her beauty and gifts her chain to her. She prays our family stays united.

Precap: Mohanto scolds Aditya for stealing vault keys says he would have gone to check his will.

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