Main Naa Bhoolungi 17th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 17th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 17th February 2014 Written Update

Arnav starts crying. Madhurima scolds him and tries to give him sleeping pills. Just then, Aditya comes and sees this. He picks Arnav and scolds Madhu for doing this. He consoles Arnav. Madhu taunts him why is he caring Arnav. Aditya asks her also to take care of him, to be a mom than just acting. Dad didn’t remove us because of Arnav. If something happens to Arnav, he will kick us out. If Arnav cries, try to console him and be honest. Madhu asks about Shikha’s legal notice. He says not to worry about it.

Shikha calls her boss. He asks how is she. She says she is fine and asks for his help. He asks what she needs. She says about the legal notice and asks him and his office people to be evidence in her case. Boss says she is like his daughter and assures him that

he will come. He says she will definitely win and Sameer wil be punished. She thanks him and keeps the call. Shikha calls Gappu and informs him. He also assures he will help her.

Madhu’s dad Mananto reads Shikha’s poem in streechaya magazine. He says Sunaina that he is not understanding Shikha Gupta. She writes such a good poems. Just then, Aditya comes with Arnav.

Manonto says he was reading Shikha’s poem. She writes well. It does not look like she is lying and asks Aditya why did she alleged you. Aditya asks if he doubts him even now. Manonto says he can’t believe him completely, maybe Shikha is right. Aditya says if he loses the case, he will leave everything and go and will never come back, and that is his promise.

Aditya sees Shikha and his parents in court and greets them. Avinash says how shameless he is. Aditya says Shikha herself called him giving a legal notice. He walked away from their lives long back and asks them to go away from his life. Shikha says not to be oversmart. Aditya’s lawyer comes and says to eplain it in court. She introduces herself as advocate Kalpana Mirchandani. She asks Shikha to behave herself and starts alleging Shikha. She gives her reply notice. She says if she loses her case, she will file a new case on Shikha for troubling her client and says she will go to jail. Shikha asks her how can she do this being a woman. Aditya is telling lie. Lawyer asks her not to teach her and goes.

Sudha is worried and says how will they fight against them. Shikha says they are just trying to frighten us, they can’t do anything. Aarya and Jay come to Shikha’s house. Jai says Aditya is a very smart guy and will steep to any extent to win the case. Shikha asks who are they. Jai introduces himself as Mahonto Jagannath’s son and wants to help her. Shikha asks if Aditya has sent them to frighten her. Jai says they came by themself and want to help her. Jai says though Aditya is their family member, they believe her. Aarya says their enemy is same, lets fight with him together. Shikha says she does not need their help. Aarya and Jai says to believe them, she cant win alone. Shikha says she can’t believe them and asks them to go. Jai gives his card, asks her to call him when needed and goes. Avinash comes and says she did right by not accepting their help. Shikha says she wants to go to Mumbai to get Manav’s birth certificate. Avinash says he will accompany him.

Shikha reaches Mumbai and goes to the hospital. She introduces herself to nurse and tell her about her giving birth to Manav in this hospital 1 year back and asks nurse to check the documents. Nurse checks and says there is no entry with Shikha Verma’s name. She says 3 names who delivered on that date and says Madhurima’s name. Shikha is shocked to hear Madhurima’s name. She checks the entry book and finds Madhurima’s name. Avinash asks her to stay there and goes to check with the doctor. Aditya comes there and asks if she didn’t find her name in records. He says Manav’s mom is Madhurima, so her name would be there in records. She asks Shikha what will she do now. Shikha says he can remove name from the register, how will he remove her name from Manav’s fate. She will get him back at any cost. Though she is not having records, she has people who attended her marriage. They will help her. Aditya says he can buy her people also, money is very powerful. He goes and Avinash sees him going. He asks Shikha what happened. Shikha calls boss and other people and no one picks her calls. Avinash says that means even they are keeping mum because of Sameer. Shikha gets a call from a woman and asks Shikha to meet her. Avinash says this must be Sameer’s plan. She says there is not other way right now and goes to meet the woman. She rings her door bell and is shocked to see Sameer’s fake mother.

Precap: Aditya says Madhu that advocate Mirchandani has prepared such a strong case that judge will finish the case in his favor today itself. Madhu says without evidence, what will Shikha’s lawyer say. She asks Manav to pray that Shikha loses the case.

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