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Main Naa Bhoolungi 16th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya asks Samaira, why did you stop Dad from sending Madhu to the mental asylum. Samaira asks him to relax. She says, we will make a place in Mohanto’s eyes. He will get impressed with us. Aditya says, Dad wants to send her to mental asylum but.. Samaira says, Madhu is not mad. We are making her mad. She may get treated in the hospital. Aditya asks why you took Neeraj’s help. Samaira says, It is better to take his help. Aditya says, what if he tells our plan to someone else. Samaira says, he understands only money language and asks him to relax. She hugs him and says she will take care of everything.

Nimesh comes to Avinash’s house. Mahi looks at him and gets emotional. Sudha greets him. Nimesh takes her blessings. Avinash comes. Nimesh says, he is feeling happy to meet

them. He says, I felt bad to know about Shikha didi. I tried to talk to Mahi, but she was not in a state to talk about our relationship. I was waiting for the right time. Neeraj comes and says right time has come. Nimesh says, he brought me here. Neeraj tells him them that he couldn’t stop himself when he came to know about Nimesh. He called him. Nimesh says, his parents asked him to have a arranged marriage, but he didn’t listen as he loves Mahi. He says, I wants to marry her. Sudha asks Mahi, you hide this big thing from me. Sudha says, we have to talk to your parents. Neeraj says, Nimesh parents are happy with this alliance and wants to get them engaged. Avinash agrees and asks Neeraj to call them.

Neeraj comes to Mohanto’s house indisguise of a doctor Dr. Avasthi. Samaira asks Neeraj, are you ready to take care of your patient. I will take care of her so well that she will get scared even in dreams. Samaira thanks him. Neeraj says, he wants to see them in pain. Samaira says, Mahi called me and informed me everything. I forgot that I have a younger sister too. You have done a big favour on me. Neeraj says, they are his family too. Samaira says, I can’t believe that she is getting engaged tomorrow. Neeraj asks her to attend the engagement. Samaira says, Aditya is always with me. I couldn’t come. Neeraj says, don’t worry. We will find a way out. Mohanto comes and asks what they are talking about? Neeraj says, he was talking about herbs.

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He goes to see Madhu and introduces himself as a Doctor sent by her father. Madhu thinks to ask for help from him. Neeraj asks, how are you now? Madhu says, she is fine. Shikha wants to make her mad. She is giving me medicines to make me mad. I am sitting here as a mad. She asks him to talk to her Dad. She asks him to save her from Shikha’s torture. Neeraj smiles. Madhu asks, why you are laughing. Neeraj removes his moustache and shows his face smilingly. Madhu gets shocked and says you are the one who tried to kill me naa. Samaira says, exactly Madhu.

She says, her mind is still working fine. Don’t worry. Dr. Neeraj will take care of you. Madhu gets shocked. She says, she will tell everyone and tries to go. Neeraj keeps hand on her mouth and asks Shikha to give the injection. He tells her that if he inject her then she will go mad. He threatens her and says I will make you feel helpless. Madhu cries and pleads to him to leave her. Samaira says no. She asks him not to leave her easily and gives him injection. Neeraj says, today you won’t sleep entire night else he will inject her. Madhu nods.

Aditya thinks about Mohanto’s words about his will. He gets tensed and goes out. Madhu gets sleep, but she keeps reminding herself that she has to be awake. Aditya comes and asks her, why you didn’t sleep till now. He says sorry and says it is so sad that you have become a puppet. He offers to help her. He asks her to tell about the keys of Mohanto. Madhu asks, are you saying true. Aditya promises her. She tells him the place and number to open the locker. He asks her to sleep and says you deserve it. Neeraj comes and asks what is happening. Madhu says, I am not sleeping. Aditya asks Neeraj to stay there as Madhu might sleep. Madhu is shocked.

Sudha tells Mahi that Nimesh and his family would come soon. Mahi says, today is special for me. I am getting engaged to Nimesh and misses Shikha. Shikha comes there and hugs Mahi.

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