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Aditya and Samaira reach doctor’s clinic in their car. Aditya says hope everything goes well. Samaira says don’t worry, lets go. A goon tries to misbehave with Samaira. Aditya gets angry, but Samaira stops him and says we are getting late for doctor’s appointment. Goon try to surround them, Aditya bashes a goon. Goon says they are going to a s*x therapist and says Aditya cannot keep his wife happy and is of no use. Aditya gets angry and starts beating goons, but goons overpower him and beats him till he bleeds profusely. Samaira thinks he wanted to go to doctor, but she will never allow him do that. Once goons leave, Samaira shows her fake concern and takes Aditya back home. Once they leave, Neeraj comes out and smiles. He gives goons money and says he would have enjoyed

if they would have hit Aditya more.

Aditya and Samaira reach home. Mohanto and Sunaina sees Aditya injured and worriedly ask what happened to him. Samaira says we went to a hotel and he slipped and fell. Mohanto asks how can he get such severe injuries with a slip and fall. Samaira takes him from there saying he should rest. Once they reach their room, Samaira shows her fake concern and hugs him. She says she brought hot water for his warm compresses and he will feel good with it.

She applies hot compresses on him. He says it is hot. She says it will burn a bit, but it will be good for him. She reminisces running in jungle with Manav trying to escape from Sameer/Aditya and thinks she will trouble him often like this.

Mohanto, Aditya and Aarya are sitting on couch worriedly. Samaria and Sunaina come there, Samaira says she gave Madhu sleeping pills and she will be fine soon. Mohanto says her he kept Madhu at home after she insisted saying Madhu will feel good, but now thinks he should send her back to mental assylum.

Mohanto goes to Madhu’s room and apologizes her for not able to help her, says her dad loves him a lot and does not want to keep her away, but does not have any option now than sending her back to mental assylum. Madhu starts crying. Mohanto holds Madhu and brings her out. He asks where is Samaira. Sunaina says she is very much attached to Madhu emotionally, so she she does not want to see her going and must be in her room. Aditya says she is not at home. Samaira comes and says she went out so that Madhu should not go out and says she does not have to go to mental assylum now. She says it is better to call doctor home than sending Madhu to mental assylum. She calls Neeraj disguised as Dr. Awasthi and introduces him to Mohanto. Doctor says he studied Madhu’s case and is confident of treating her at home. Mohanto agrees and allows him to treat Madhu. Samaira says Madhu that she will stay with us and doctor will treat her well. Doctor and Sunaina take Madhu to her room. Samaira says Mohanto everything will be alright.

Mohato calls lawyer and prepares his will. Lawyer says it is good you prepared your will. Mohanto says after thinking much I have decided who will be Jagannath empire’s legal heir. Aditya hears their conversation and thinks he should know what is in the will.

Precap: Aditya asks Samaira how can she hire Neeraj when she knows that he knows secrets about him. Samairs says Neeraj knows only money and will not reveal eanything.

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