Main Naa Bhoolungi 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 14th March 2014 Written Update

Neeraj comes with gifts to Avinash’s family. He sees Avinash putting garland on Shikha’s photo. Neeraj says he has to accept the gifts for Shikha’s sake. Shikha would be seeing from somewhere and would not be happy if they won’t accept it. Sudha signals him to accept it. Neeraj asks Avinash not to lose hope, Shikha’s truth will come in front of this world soon via that book.

Samaira comes out of Aditya’s office. Aarya sees her and asks she was in Jai’s cabin and now coming out of Aditya’s cabin. Samaira says she heard about Aditya become AMD, so she went to wish him. Aarya says it is good at least someone is speaking to Aditya properly, he would have been happy. Samaira asks what does she mean. Aarya says nothing

and says she will meet some time later. Samaira thinks Aarya will help her in her mission and asks her to join her for coffee. Aarya says when 2 girls meet, they should go somewhere else, like an art gallery nearby. Samaira agrees.

Aarya and Samaira get out of the building. Neeraj comes with car as a driver and they go in his car. Jai shows Samaira’s photoshoot to board of directors. Aditya remembers Samaira’s words. Jai says these pics will come on big magazines and hoardings, so that whoever sees them will remember their brand. Madhu says along with this advertisement, they should do road shows with Samaira to promote their brand. Jai says they should launch a new fashion product and Samaira will promote that. 50% profit from that product should go to charity. Madhu asks Aditya’s opinion. He says Samaira should be thrown out of the company. Jai and everybody gets shocked. Jai says it looks like our AMD is angry. Madhu asks him to shop and then asks the board members to excuse them.

Samaira and Aarya are in an art gallery. Samaira asks Aarya if she is very interested in arts and shopping, Madhu must also be accompanying you. Aarya says Madhu just likes 2 things, one is going to office and two taking Aditya’s class. Samaira asks what. Aarya says forget it, it is their personal matter. Samaira says they are very good couple. Aarya says she feels sorry for Aditya who tolerates Madhu a lot and runs behind him. Sometimes, Madhu also pleases him like recently she maade him AMD. she was angry on Aditya about the lift incident. Samaira says he was just helping her, it was not his fault. Aarya asks it is ok, forget about it and asks about Samaira’s life and boyfriends. She says it is not possible that Samaira is not having a boyfriend. Samaira says her work is her boyfriend. She asks Aarya if she has a boyfriend. Aarya says she had one, but he was a big lier, so dad was very angry on her, not because of his status but because he lied to him. Her dad hates liers, Aditya was not of their status, but accepted her for Madhu.

Madhu scolds Aditya for misbehaving. She says she is not her wife here, she is company’s MD and he is AMD. Instead of giving ideas, he wants Samaira to be kicked out. Aditya asks her to relax. Madhu says yesterday, he was massaging her neck, now what happened. Aditya says Samaira has a bad attitude. Madhu says she is a new talent and must be having attitude, she is not harming you. Aditya says if they tolerate her, she will sit on their heads. Madhu asks him not to worry, they have spent a lot on Samaira. Whenever she says attitude, she will show her her right place.

Aarya likes a necklace. Samaira says it will suit you. Aarya asks salesman to pack it. She asks Samaira if she didn’t like any jewellery. Samaira says she didn’t like anything yet. Aarya selects a 40 lakhs necklace. Samaira thinks she does not have 40 lakhs in her account. Aarya insists to buy it. Even salesman insists saying she is the star and should buy it. Aarya asks salesman to pack it. Aarya asks if she wants to shop more. She says no and asks her to do more shopping, she will come in 2 minutes. She then calls Neeraj and informs about the 40 lakhs necklace. She asks what should she do now, Samaira is a big star and she does not have 40 lakhs and asks Neeraj to do something. They stand in a billing que. Samaira is very tensed.

Neeraj comes there. A lady in que says she is a big fan of hers and lets her go to the billing counter first. Samaira is about to pay the bill. Neeraj runs up and switches on the fire alarm. Manager asks to leave from there. They go from there. They go out. Aarya says there is no fire, but who switched fire alarm on. She says she will leave now and goes towards her car. Samaira gets into her car and thanks Neeraj for helping her. She says she does not like him facing hardship because of her. Neeraj says he likes being with her and then changes his words to helping her.
Mahi is sad rememberingn Shikha. Sudha comes and asks her to keep the gifts inside. One gift box falls and she sees a bracelet like the one she had described to Shikha. She says though shikha is not in this world, she feels her with them here.
Aditya is drinking alcohol remembering Samaira’s taunting words and says she did not do good this time.

Precap: Aditya gifts ear rings to Madhu. She likes them and informs Samaira has invited them for lunch, she has forgotten that she is working for us, not working with us.

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