Main Naa Bhoolungi 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Main Naa Bhoolungi 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 14th February 2014 Written Update

Aditya says Arnav is not Manav and asks Madhu’s dad that if someone says she is not your daughter, what would you feel. He then says he is telling truth and to believe him. He then starts drama and says people believe that we can for money, even dad is doubting us. IF this time we go, we will not come back. Madhu also backs Aditya and says they will go. She says she is sad that dad believed a stranger than her. Arnav is her son and this is the truth. She swears on her mom. Aditya says he doesn’t want anyone to believe forcefully and asks Madhu to come now. They try to leave, but dad stops them and says if they are telling truth, he will give them one more chance. He asks to reply to Shikha’s notice and prove that Arnav is their son. If the can prove, it is ok, then

they would have to go. Till then, there won’t be any election for MD’s post. He give the legal notice to Madhu and goes.

Avinash says Shikha that she did right by sending him legal notice. He will have to bend in front of law. He says he will stay there until the case is solved. Sudha also backs Avinash. Sudha will be punished and they will get their Manav. Avinash says he has arranged for a house in Delhi, she need not worry now. Avinash says he will punish Aditya. Shikha says though she is a common person, that does not mean any rich person comes and ruin her life. She says she will fight back.

Madhu taunts Aditya that he could not do anything to Shikha and Shikha sent a legal notice. Madhu says soon she will made you Sameer Verma from Aditya Jagannath. She asks him what to do now. Aditya says he will go via court and can’t kill her before that. He will defeat her in court. Once she is defeated, there is no need to kill her. Madhu asks him to check the lawyer who is fighting with Shikha.

Avinash and his family with Shikha reach their new home. Stalker comes. Avinash asks him why is he behind his daughter. Shikha says she does not need his help, she will fight herself. Stalker says he just wants her succeed and will help her at any cost. Shikha says she wont forgive her. Stalker says he is doing it for himself.

Madhu’s dad says Sunaina that he is puzzled and does not know whom to believe, Shikha or Madhu. Sunaina asks him believe Madhurima as Arnav is very attracted to him. Aarya and Jai come and Jai says he wants to talk to dad. Jai says till when he believes Adtiya and Madhu, they always tell lie. Sunaina asks them to believe thier sister and their dad’s decision is final. She asks them to go.

Aditya thanks TV channel owner for not displaying the news. He says Jagannath group has helped us a lot, so this is nothing. Aditya asks him one more favour and explains to him about that.

Shikha gets a call from lawyer. She speaks and says she will come now. Avinash says he will come with her. Lawyer says stalker told to publish the news, but news channel changed the whole news. Stalker betrayed him. Lawyer asks for evidence like marriage certificate, Manav’s birth certificate, etc. Shikha says Sameer didn’t leave anything, he destroyed everything. Shikha says she has people though who attended their marriage. She says even her office staff knows about Sameer. Lawyer asks to bring them all. Aditya just comes then and says it will be of no use. Avinash goes and tries to slap him. Aditya catches his hand and asks him not to misbehave with him, he is Adtiya Jagannath and not Sameer. He gives evil smile and says do whatever you can, you won’t get any evidence. Shikha asks him to shut up, he ruined her life once, not now. She asks him to go and count his days.

Precap: Madhu sees Aditya carrying Arnav and asks him why is he carrying him and loving him. Aditya asks her to take care of Arnav than acting as his mother.

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