Main Naa Bhoolungi 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 13th March 2014 Written Update

Samaira tries to call Aditya, but he does not pick a call. Door bell rings. Neeraj opens the door and sees doctor’s assistant. Assistant says he came to take autograph from Samaira and came home. He enters in without their permission and sits on the sofa. He asks Samaira and Neeraj to sit. He then asks Samaira if she is taking care of her skin and says she can’t have infection, etc. He asks for tea, but Neeraj asks him to go now. He shows a file with Shikha’s pics and says doctor has sent it to for you, file has all details of her surgery. He says I heard you were telling doctor not to tell her secret to anyone and says not to worry, her secret won’t be revealed and goes. Samaira feels assistant weired.

Aditya and Madhu join breakfast table with other family members.

Aarya asks yesterday she was angry on Aditya, now she is happy with him. Madhu says she won’t undersand that, it is husband and wife matteer. Madhu then asks Mohanto if she can appoint associate managing director to distribute her hectic work and says she will appoint Aditya. Aarya says it is family business and outsiders cannot be included. Madhu says she is the MD and has right to appoint. Jai intervenes and says Aarya is right, he is working for the company for many years and it is his right to become MD. Mohanto says it is Madhu’s right to apppoint AMD as she is the MD now and says if she takes the decision and anything happens, she should bear the consequences. Madhu says she is ready. Aarya and Jai get angry and walk out from the breakfast table.

Samaira packs gifts. She goes and pick a diamond bracelet her cupboard and goes into flashback where she remembers days spent with her family. Neeraj comes and asks what are these. She says she is sending gifts to her family. She thanks Neeraj for stopping their parents to leave Mumbai. She asks if he can give these gifts to her family. He agrees.

Sunaina tries to console her children and says Madhu is her sister and says until their dad is there, he won’t do injustice to anyone. Jai says he is not having faith on dad when he made Madhu company’s MD. Sunaina asks him to stop doubting his dad as Mohanto kept elections and and Madhu MD on board of director’s decision. She asks him to work hard.

Samaira comes to Jagannath group’s office. Aditya sees her and thinks she came to meet her. He informs his secretary to tell Samaira that he is not in his office.
Samaira instead of coming to Aditya’s cabin goes to Jai’s cabin. Aditya calls his secretary and asks if Samaira didn’t feel bad when she told he is not there. Secretary says Samaira didn’t ask about her at all and went to Jai’s cabin. Samaira goes to Jai’s cabin and asks if she came early for the meeting. He asks her to have a seat. He says he is organizing holi party and wants her to do a performance. She says that is great, she will do it. Jai says his team will inform her about the organization. Aarya comes in. She says she has brought something for Jai and shows clothes. Samaira gets emotional seeing her love for her brother. Aarya asks if she has a brother. Samaira goes into flashback about Vineet, but says she does not have any brother and goes out of the cabin. Aditya is tennsed that Samaira didn’t ask about her. Aarya says it is important to know about Samaira as she is the one who can break Madhu and Aditya’s relationship. Jai says she is right, Aditya and Madhu has ruined their life and have become MD and AMD. Samaira is best for breaking their relationship.

Samaira thinks Aditya didn’t pick the phone, now he is anxious to meet her. She then goes into Aditya’s cabin and asks why is he sitting angrily. She asks if somebody told him anything and if he is feeling bad. Aditya says not at all, he is not angry. He asks when did she come. She says he is asking as if he didn’t see her coming in and then asks how is he feeling becoming AMD of her wife. He says he is feeling good. She says he is afraid of his wife, now she is the boss both in house and office. He says every husband is afriad of his wife. Samaira says husbands are afraid, but real men are not and goes out of his cabin. Aditya ges angry and hits the chair.

Precap: Mahi sees Samaira’s gift and says it is exactly like Shikha’s gift. Though Shikha is not between them, she can feel her between them.

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