Main Naa Bhoolungi 13th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 13th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 13th February 2014 Written Update

Lawyer prepared a legal notice against Aditya Jagannath and asks Shikha if she is ready to send it. She says yes. Lawyer says I would like to warn you beforehand that they are Jagannath and will try to use their name to get away. They know how to manipulate tyhe system and can go to any extent. Even, there is a chance of losing her life. Shikha says she is ready for anything and is not afraid, not even death. Stalker listens to their conversation standing on the door.

Madhu is tensed. Aditya says not to worry. Madhu says not to take Shikha lightly. She came to our house again. If dad would have been there, all your luxuries would have been snapped off. Aditya asks her to chill and concentrate on her dad’s farewell party. He says he is becoming Jagannath group of

company’s MD and to relax. Madhu says she does not want to take chance and to take care of Shikha. Aditya says after Naik’s death, Shikha can’t do anything.

Jai and Aarya are talking. Aarya says Jay to use his brain instead of working hard like a typical Indian. Dad had thrown out Madhu and Aditya out 3 years ago, now he is reconsidering her for MD’s post. Jai says exactly he is thinking same. She says Madhu brought Arnav to please dad. She is the same as before, nobody is seeing that, especially dad. She says she is worried for Jai. Jai says he had a doubt on Aditya from before. Aarya says before they go and control the office, we should think something and stop Madhurima from becoming MD. Jai says not to worry, he will not let it happen.

Stalker speaks to someone and narrates him Shikha’s story. Person asks if he is telling truth. Stalker shows legal notice against Aditya Jagannath. Person says it is a great news, it will be published on TV and newspapers. Stalker says after this news,they will think 1000 times before taking any wrong step.

Madhu’s dad’s farewell party starts. Adtiya and Madhu go to Jai and say after she becomes MD, every employee will know about it. Aarya comes and says Madhu that she is not yet an MD and will not let it happen. Madhu says after she becomes an MD, she will neither talk to them nor allow anybody to talk to them. MAdhu calls waiter and picks wine glass and asks waiter to serve milk to kids pointing at her step-siblings. Aditya takes Madhu out. Madhu says everything is going according to plan. I thought after seeing Arnav, dad would accept us, but didnt know he would retire soon. Aditya says creit goes to him and his second wife. Madhu says it was her plan and asks to keep an eye on Shikha. Aditya says nobody would go against them in this city and shika can’t do anything. She would be sitting in her room and crying.

Shikha gets a call from lawyer. He says all legal formalities are done, he is going personally to serve legal notice to Aditya Jagannath. Shikha thanks him.

Madhu’s dad and step-mom come down. Everybody claps for them. Madhu’s dad says he is retiring and looks everybody is happy. His employee says he was an inspiration for them. She asks who will be Jagannath group’s next MD. Dad calls both Madhu and Jai. He introduces them to his employees and says they both will handle the group, but one will be MD which will be decided after board of director’s meeting. He requests everybody to help them as they used to help him. The thanks them and asks to enjoy the party.

Lawyer comes and shows court notice to the security. Stalker is watching TV, but Shikha’s news is not shown. Madhu’s dad is cutting the cake. Security comes and informs him that lawyer has come with legal notice for Aditya. Dad gets angry and looks at Aditya. Everybody looks at him. Dad goes and reads the notice. He again looks angrily at Aditya. He goes inside. Sunaina asks everybody to enjoy the party and goes behding her husband.

Shikha is sitting sad on her room bed. She remembers lawyer’s words. Door bell rings. She sees her family standing outside. They hug each other emotioinally.

Dad calls Adity and his family and asks Aditya about Shikha Gupta and asks what are these allegations that you married her and bore a child with her whose name is Manav. He says you even tried to kill Shikha. He asks to reply regarding this notice. Madhu says it is false, Aditya can’t cheat on her. Aditya says dad is believing a piece of paper and not him. He says he does not know anything. He says rival company must be doing it. He says you made this empire, and rivals are trying to destroy it. He says Shikha is doing it for money as we are rich. Aarya says even Jai is rich, why did she send notice on you and not Jai. Aditya says it must be you both than rival companies because dad is considering Maddy for MD’s post. Madhu says Aditya is right, they don’t want me to become MD, it is their plans. Dad asks them to shut up.

Dad says he worked hard to build his name than building the wealth. He says wealth can be earned, but not name. He says I believed you and accepted and don’t break my trust. Aarya says they were out for 3 years and no news came about her pregnancy or childbirth and suddenly they came with a child. She says her dad that you became emotional and accepted them. Sunaina asks Aarya to stop it, Jai says Aarya is right, they would have brought this child to please dad. Child must be some one, he believes Shikha than them. Aditya says Jai he does not care what he believes, he just cares about dad’s opinion. He asks to give him 1 min and he will bring 1 more paper.

Precap: Avinash is angry that Aditya didn’t recognize him. He says he will put Aditya behind bars. Shikha says though we are common people, it does not mean any rich person can ruin our life. We will show him that we are not weak.

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