Main Naa Bhoolungi 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 12th March 2014 Written Update

Madhu says Aditya that he won’t get his car angrily and goes. Aarya comes and taunts him. He says he should keep quiet, else he would be thrown out of the house. Aditya asks her to mind her own business and asks her to go.

Neeraj/Samaira’s car gets punctured. Neeraj changes the tyre. Samaira asks if she can help him. He says it is ok, he will do it. She thanks him for helping her today. He says no need to thank him. Samaira says her parents are veery sad. She says whenever she goes against their parents, she does not want their parents to get worried. She has decided she will meet them when she reaches her destiny and then she will go and hug them and she will get back her family.

Aditya gets a call stating that his credit card is blocked. He gets very angry.

He thinks till when Madhu will behave like a fool, she herself will come and say him sorry. Aarya informs Kathat Madhu took away Aditya’s car . She says when they will fight, they won’t come to office, and he can work peacefully in office. Jai asks if she means Aditya and Madhu should never patch up. She says she is absolutely right.

Samaira calls Madhu and tries to explain, but she says she does not need explanation and there is no misunderstanding between them. and cut the call.

Samaira gets happy. She gets a call from plastic surgeon who asks her to meet him for checkup. She says she will meet him and cuts the call. She informs about it to Neeraj and says they should go.

Madhu comes into her room and sees it well decorated. Aditya comes and hugs her from behind. He says he has lit the candles so that he could stand hugging her until they get melted completely. She says she will blow off those candles. He then holds her face and says he can see into her eyes for ever, but why is she angry on him. He says for her sake and love, he was out for 2 years and she is doubting him. Why are they fighting for Samaira, she is important to her, not Samaira. Madhu says if that girl is not important, then why did he drop her home late night. He asks if she is jealous. She says Madhurima Jagannath is not jealous, but if someone takes her things, she will be very angry. She says she saw a watch in Samaira’s hands and she told her friend gifted it and says even he bought a watch for himself.

Aditya says he is trying to explain from such a long time that he is always hers. She asks about the watch which she saw in Samaira’s hands. Samaira told her close friend gifted her and if that friend is him. Aditya says he can’t explain her anymore, he himself will blow those candles off. Madhu asks sorry for getting angry and holds her ears to forgive her. He then acts as forgiving and hugs her. He says she wanted to make her associate managing director. She says she will speak to dad. He says company’s associate managing director is not having credit cards and car, it is a bad reputation. She says even it is bad reputation for her and hugs her.

Shikha/Neeraj meets doctor and gives him money to give it to plastic surgeon. He says money is not needed as he did it for humanity. Shikha insists to give it to the plastic surgeon, he gave her new confidence and whatever she is now is because of him. Doctor agrees to give plastic surgeon her cheque. She asks doctor to keep her secret and don’t tell it to anybody. He says not to worry. Doctor’s assistant sees her and says she is his wild card for money. Shikha gets tea for her and Neeraj. He thanks her. She says Aditya didn’t call her after lift incident and calls her, but he does not pick her call. Doctor’s assistant comes and asks for Samaira’s signature and says she got her face because of him and asks for tea and enters in without their permission. Neeraj and Shikha are shocked.

Precap: Madhu asks Mohanto if she can appoint associate managing director to distribute her work and says she will appoint Aditya. Jai says he is working from many years and it is his right to become associate managing director.

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