Main Naa Bhoolungi 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 12th February 2014 Written Update

Shikha speaks to her parents. She says she is in the same hotel. Avinash says not to worry, he will come there. Shikha says she will manage, inspector Naik would be coming any time. Avinash insists he will come there and asks her not to leave the hotel until he comes there. Avinash asks Sudha get ready to go to Delhi. Vineet and Mahi also insist to accompany them and says Shikha needs them the most at this time and they will help get back Manav. Avinash agrees and goes to book the tickets.

Madhurima’s dad takes Madhurima and Aditya to his office. Shikha calls Naik consistently, but he does not pick the call. He calls constable. Constable instead asks about Naik. Shikha gets shocked and says even she called to check about Naik. Constable says Naik got an order from

his superior to leave your case and come back to Nasik, but Naik didn’t obey the orders and left his job to help you. Door bell rings. Shikha cuts the call and opens the door. Stalker is seen standing outside. She tries to close the door, but stalker says if you are waiting for Naik, then it is waste since Naik is dead. He gives Naik’s ID card with blood stains on it. Shikha sees it and starts crying. She says because of her, Naik is killed, what was his fault. Stalker says not to blame herself, inspector Naik was fighting for truth.

Madhu’s dad takes Aditya, MAdhu, and her brother Jai to the locker room. Jai asks Aditya to go out as only Jagannath family is allowed her. Madhu gets angry on Jai and asks him to stop talking rubbish and says remove JAgannath from your name and check if anyone will recognize you. Their dad asks them to stop this argument and come inside the locker room. They go inside the room where crores of rupees is stalked in. Dad says he is retiring and they have to take care of it. He asks them to decide who will be the next MD. Jai is shocked to hear that and says he helped his dad for years with his business. Dad says I understand, but I can’t forgo Madhurima’s capabilities. Jai says this is unfair. Dad says he won’t be unfair to anyone. Board of directors will choose between them. He will announce about his retirement during the fairwell party. Madhu agrees. Aditya thinks he will succeed in his cruel thoughts.

Sikha comes to a parking lot. Aditya comes there with Madhu in his car. He comes out of the car and goes towards Shikha. He asks her why did she come again and asks about inspector Naik. Shikha asks Aditya what did Naik do and why did he kill him.

Aditya asks her to forget whatever happened and to go from there. Shikha says she knows that and killed Naik due to that. She wont’t go back and will fight for herself and even Naik’s sacrifice. He will pay for it. She says that and goes.

Aditya asks her to forget whatever happened and to go from there. Shikha says she knows that and killed Naik due to that. She wont’t go back and will fight for herself and even Naik’s sacrifice. He will pay for it. She says that and goes.

Shikha goes to a lawyers and seeks his help. He listens to Shikha and asks culprit’s name. She says Aditya Jagannath. Lawyer is shocked to hear that and asks if she is not joking. He says he won’t fight her case, he can’t destroy his career before starting it and asks her to go.

Shikha goes from there. Stalker is seen standing outside lawyer’s office. Shikha is in her hotel room. Door bell rings. She opens it and sees injured lawyer with bandages. He says he is ready to fight her case. It seem stalker beat the lawyer and made him agree to fight her case. Shikha stops stalker and asks her not to follow her. Stalker says he wants to help her. Shikha says she does not need his help. She can’t take law in her hands. She won’t go wrong way to seek justice. Stalker says nobody will help her easily, everybody is not like inspector Naik. Shikha goes to lawyer and asks him sorry for being trouble because of her and says he is free now. Lawyer says he was afraid listening to Aditya Jagannath’s name, but he will fight for her now seeing her courage. He wants to fight her case truly and request her to agree. Shikha agrees.

Precap: Stalker gives legal notice to some one. He says it is a great news, it will be published in TV channels and newspapers. Stalker says after this news comes in public, they will think 1000 times before taking wrong steps.

Update Credit to: MA

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