Main Naa Bhoolungi 11th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 11th March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 11th March 2014 Written Update

Sameer is holding Shikha’s shoulders. Lift door opens. Madhu, Jai, and other see them in that position. Madhu is shocked. Jai says Madhu that Aditya is alright, you were just worried. Madhu asks Samaira if she is alright. She says she is fine and Aditya was with heer. Madhu asks sorry for lift problem. Samaira says it is not her fault. Madhu angrily looks at Aditya and gets into lift. Aditya says she is misunderstanding him, but she does not listen and goes in her car. Aditya asks security to bring his car. Samaira comes and asks sorry to Aditya that Madhu felt bad. He does not say anything and goes in his car. Neeraj comes and picks Samaira. Neeraj says she is looking happy that her work got done properly. She says as she thought, Aditya is getting attracted to him and tells

him about the lift incident happily. Neeraj listens to her.
Samaira sees temple and asks Neeraj to stop there. He stops but does not get out of car. She asks if he does not want to come, he nods his head. He gets out then and gives his scarf to cover her head. She thanks him and goes to temple.

Madhu comes home angrily and Aditya follows him trying to console her. Mohanto comes and asks what happened. He says nothing happened. Mohanto asks why is Madhu angry. He says office lift was not working and it was a baad day. Aarya comes and says it was bad day for Aditya especially, says lift and stops. Aditya says he got stuck in office lift, so Madhu got angry. Aarya thinks in her mind, she is waiting for the right time to get his truth in front of dad.

Samaira goes to temple. She hears Sudha’s voice and get emotional. She turns back and sees her whole family standing. She hides her face and goes behind them. Avinash says goddess that he failed in proving his daughter innocent.
Madhu remembers Aditya holding Samaira’s shoulders and gets angry. Aditya comes and tries to console her. She says she does not want to see his face. He says Samaira’s neck was paining and he was just helping her. Madhu pushes him out of the room, says he will repent for it and closes the door. Samaira gets back into the car and cries. Neeraj asks why is she crying. Samaira says her parents are leaving the town and asks them to stop. She says she will not meet them but will see them from a distance and says without them, she will shatter. Neeraj says only Shikha Gupta can stop them. He gets out of car and asks Avinash if he is going leaving his daughter. Avinash says his daughter left this world. Neeraj says Shikha soul would be seeing her family not helping her. Avinash says nobody listened to him against Aditya Jagannath. He tried to tell everybody and nobody listened him. Avinash asks where was he all these days. Neeraj says he wanted to come before, but he did not have courage to face them. He had promised Shikha that he would help her, but he could not. Avinash says it is not Neeraj’s fault, but his fault. Mahi says system is corrupt, so he cannot do anything. They will publish the book somewhere else. Neeraj asks what book. Avinash says he wrote Shikha’s story in a book, but no publisher wanted to publish the book due to Jannagath family’s fear.

Neeraj says they dont have to leave the town, he will help them publish the book and asks Avinash not to feel the defeat, he will help him get Shikha’s truth in front of the world. Shikha hears him and gets happy.

Aditya asks driver to give car’s key. Driver says Madhu asked not to give the car keys. Aditya insists to give the key. Madhu comes and says he won’t get the keys and she does not care.

Precap: Neeraj asks Shikha to tell here truth to her parents. She says she does not want her parents to get worried whenever she fights against Aditya, so whenever she will reach her destiny, she will come in front of them.

Update Credit to: MA

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