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Aditya takes an appointment with the doctor. Mohanto tells Samaira that he will give food to Madhu today. Samaira insists to give food to her. Mohanto says, she is my daughter. She shouldn’t feel left out. Samaira says, I will also come with you. Mohanto comes to Madhu and says I brought your food. Will you eat with my hands. Madhu smiles. Samaira silently tells her that food is having cockroaches. Madhu throws the food and refuses to eat it. Samaira smiles.

Aditya comes home and kisses Samaira on her cheeks. Samaira gets uncomfortable. He asks her to close her eyes. He gives her white roses for peace and apology. She recalls Sameer apologizing to her dad. Aditya says, we couldn’t live happily after our marriage. He thanks her for supporting him. Samaira accepts the flowers.

He then gives her yellow flowers for friendship. He says, I wants to become your best friend, so that we can share everything with honesty. Samaira accepts it. Aditya takes out red flowers and says it is for our love. He says, I love you Samaira. She recalls Sameer proposing her.

Aditya hugs her and says I love you. He promises to keep her happy. He says, I took an appointment with a doctor. Samaira gets tensed and asks what is the need. Aditya says, I don’t want to take any risk as it is a question about our future.

Servant tells Mohanto that Madhu refused to eat the food. Sunaina tells Mohanto that Madhu refused to eat. Mohanto says, she is getting more mad with each passing day. We have to consult a good doctor. Samaira calls Neeraj and says Aditya is going to consult the doctor. Neeraj asks her to relax and tells something. Samaira thanks him. Neeraj asks her not to thank him. Samaira says, ok no thank you.

Sudha comes to Avinasha and asks what are you doing. Avinash says, we have to think about Mahi’s marriage. Sudha says, Sameer ruined shikha’s life through this internet. Avinash says, it is not neccessary that same will happen with Mahi. Sudha says, she won’t agree for the alliance through Internet. Mahi overhears them.

Mohanto and Sunaina feed food to Madhu. Samaira looks at her and thinks she mixed so much medicines in the food. You will see cockroach, stars etc…..

Madhu is sleeping and gets irritated by the cockroaches. She opens her eyes and gets shocked. She shouts for help. Everyone comes there. Madhu says, there are so many cockroaches on my bed. Sunaina and Mohanto say nothing is there. Madhu says, you all are blind. Mohanto tries to calm her down. She runs to the terrace. Mohanto says, we all are with you. Samaira says, nothing will happen to you. Madhu says, you all wants to kill me. She threatens to jump if anyone moves forward and climbs on the wall. She slips and screams for help. Everyone get shocked. Aditya pulls her up. Madhu hugs Mohanto and cries.

Mahi is seeing her boyfriend photo and gets sad. Neeraj comes there and tells her about Sudha and Avinash’s decision. He looks at her boyfriend’s pic. He asks her to tell who is he? Mahi says, he is Himesh. We had studied together and loved each other a lot. I don’t know where is he now. Neeraj says, he might be missing you.

Madhu gets up seeing Aditya and Samaira romancing with each other. Samaira tries to make Madhu jealous. Madhu gets jealous. Samaira says, you are reacting as if Aditya is still your husband. She says, Aditya divorced you and married me. I am his wife now. If you are troubled to see us together then we shall get the trouble away from you. She threatens her with knife. Madhu gets scared. She asks, what are you doing? Samaira says, I am feeling pity on you. Aditya tries to stop Samaira. Samaira scares Madhu. Aditya stops Samaira and asks her not to waste her energy. He says, lets go to our room. Samaira says, 2 mins. She asks how did you feel to see the death near you. I won’t give you death so soon. I will kill you slowly with your ex husband.

Aditya says, I want to see you happy. Samaira says, I love you and I know that we love each other.

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