Main Naa Bhoolungi 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Main Naa Bhoolungi 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 11th February 2014 Written Update

Inspector Naik waits for Sameer/Aditya’s arrest warrant. He calls constable and asks why is it delayed. SP takes the calls from constable and speaks to inspector. He asks him what is he doing in Delhi. Inspector says he is investigating Shikha Gupta’s case. SP orders him to come back as he has given him another case. Naik tries to explain that Sameer is in Delhi and he can catch him with the arrest warrant. SP warns him he will lose his job if he does not come to Nasik soon. Naik says he won’t leave Shikha’s case and will resign if he pressurizes him. He took responsibility to help Shikha even without his inspector job. Naik removes his police belt and revolver and changes his clothes. He goes to Shikha’s room and does not find her. He calls her and asks where is

she. Shikha tells she is going to meet Manav, Sameer had called her and said she would allow her meet Manav. Inspector asks for address and she gives it.

Shikha reaches the spot. Sameer/Aditya is already waiting in his car. He comes out of the car and says as promised he brought Manav. He asks her if she is not afraid that he will kill her calling her there. He then says mother can reach anywhere for his children. He gets Manav from the car and throws him in the air. Shikha is shocked to see that but catches him. It is just a a doll and not Manav. Sameer then gets into his car and tries to kill Shikha. Shikha escapses and starts running. Sameer chases her in his car. Just then stalker comes there in a car and asks Shikha to get in his car.
Shikha gets into his car and they go. Sameer tries to follow them but is stopped by inspector Naik’s car. They both come out of their cars. Sameer/Aditya asks him if he got arrest warrant. He taunts him that he is no more inspector now. Naik says it is good he is not inspector now. He can catch him without warrant now, he will catch him through his collar and drag her to Shikha. Sameer/Aditya says there is no need to grab the collar, let us go to Shikha now. Stalker and Shikha reach Shika’s hotel. Shikha is shocked and sad. She reaches her room. Stalker follows her, but she closes the door.

Madhurima is tensed that Aditya is not yet back. He comes. She asks if Shikha is dead. He says Shikha escaped via a taxi. Madhu taunts him that Shikha escapes from him all the time. He says don’t worry Maddy. She shouts that she is tired of hearing don’t worry. Aditya says to trust him and gives a gun to shoot him if he fails. Madhu asks whose gun is this. He says its ex-inspector Naik’s.

Aditya he lost his job for helping Shikha. He says he killed Naik, now nobody is there to save Shikha. He says he can do anything for them, he is worried about her dad’s thousand’s crores worth empire.

Madhu’s dad is playing piano. Sunaina comes and asks him what is he thinking about. He says he has decided to retire but does not know whom to make his successor. Sunaina asks him to make Madhurima as successor. He says that is there, but looking at her past I can’t trust her. Sunaina says she has changed now, she is handling Arnav very well now. She will also handle business very well. He asks what about Jai. Sunaina says Madhurima is their elder daughter. Jai will understand, not to worry.

Shikha is still shocked and remembers how Sameer tried to kill her. She starts crying and asks herself why is this happening to her, why is she being betrayed always, what does he need. She does not believe on humanity now. She does not even know how is Manav. She then remembers how he tried to kill her by pushing from the cliff and other incidents. She says she will fight for justice and wont accept defeat, she will get back her Manav. She removes veil from her face and throws it.

Precap: Shikha calls Sudha and asks how is she. Sudha says she is fine and asks about her and did she get to know anything about Manav. She asks Shikha why is she sounding tensed, where is inspector Naik. Shikha says Naik where out and didn’t return.

Update Credit to: MA

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