Main Naa Bhoolungi 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 10th March 2014 Written Update

Aditya says Madhurima that she is company’s MD and it does not suit her worrying for 15 lakhs. She says she is not bothered about money, she just wants to know what he did with that money. He says he bought a watch gift for himself and says his wife gets previous necklaces and does not gift him anything, so he gifted himself a watch. She says she wants to see the watch. He says it is not yet delivered. She asks if he has given the right adress. She thought he would have given Samaira’s address by mistake as she thinks he is handsome and he went to drop her home. Aditya says he know how important Samaira is to her and her music company and he helped for her sake. Madhu says it should be professional and not personal and goes.

Samaira comes to Jagannath group’s office.

He gives Aditya gift to receptionist and asks her to give it to Aditya and inform Madhu that she has come. Jai comes and greets her. He says yesterday’s photoshoot was very good and he has photocopies of it and asks her to check. They go to Madhu’s office. Samaira hugs Madhu. Madhu sees a watch in Samaira’s hand.
Madhu gets tensed seeing Samaira’s watch. Jai asks if they can sit. Madhu just sees Samaira’s watch. Jai asks Madhu she should give Samaira what she had promised. Madhu gives some papers and says this is a small token from Jagannath group. Samaira thanks and says she will leave now and to share photoshop remaining prints with her. Madhu says her watch is very beautiful and if she can check it. She asks where did she buy from. Samaira says it is a gift from her close friend and says if she wants to know the name also. Madhu says no and says her bye. Aditya opens Samaira’s gift. He sees her gift note and checks sees a watch in the box. Just then he sees Samaira standing on the door with coffee. He thanks her for the coffe and asks her to come in. He sees watch is very nice and it is his favourite brand. She says he will be seeing his future momemnts from that watch.

Avinash and his family are packing their clothes. Sudha asks Vineet if everything is packed, he says yes. Avinash says he is leaving his daughter’s dream there. Mahi says not to worry, there are many good publishers out of Delhi and they would publish his book.

Madhu hears Samaira’s voice in Aditya’s cabin. She stops to check. Samaira says she will leave now, else his office will become coffee shop. He says he was working before she came and made it a coffee shop. Aditya says he will drop her downstairs and goes with her. Madhu sees them and tries to call Aditya, but Jai asks her to come for the meeting as board of directors are waiting. Madhu asks him to go and she will come later. Samaira calls Neeraj and sasys she is ready. Aditya and Samaira get into a lift. Neeraj cuts lift’s power. Aditya tries to start it but cannot. Madhu addresses board of directors but cannot concentrate. Aditya calls security. His staff hears his voice and asks security to lift repairer. Staff comes and informs Madhu that office lift is not working and Aditya and Samaira are stuck in it. He gets tensed and tries to get up from the meeting, but Jai stops her and asks if she is worried about Aditya as he is with Samaira. He asks her not to worry, he will handle the meeting. Madhu says she is the company’s MD and will handle the meeting.

Aditya says lift didn’t stop till now, it is very funny. Samaira says him to get a habit of getting shocks everyday from now. She holds her shoulder and pretends to loosen her shoes from another hand. Aditya says to be comfortable and he sits on the floor. She says she is fine standing and says he does not look from a rich family from childhood. High society types wont sit on a floor even if they feel pain standing for hours. She asks about his background and where is he from. He says he will talk about it some other day. Madhu comes and asks lift repairer why is he taking so much time and to fix it soon. Jai says it happened when Samaira and Aditya are in lift. Aditya gives her his kand kerchief and she thanks him. She says he loves Madhurima so much that he took her surname of Jagannath, she is sure Madhurima also loves her a lot. Aditya goes into flaskback where Madhu scolds her and asks her to touch Samaira feet to get the contract.

Samaira asks about Shikha Gupta and says she is amused if someone can look just like her. She says they say there are 6 more people with same face. He should be lucky to get 2 girls of same face. She asks who is Shika Gupta, ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, or present girlfriend. He get angry and asks her to stop. She then prentends like she got a neck sprain. He massages her neck. Just then lift opens, Madhu and everyone sees them in that position.

Precap: Aditya says Madhu that she is misunderstanding. She does not hear him, gets into her car and goes. Samaira comes and asks sorry to him.

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