Main Naa Bhoolungi 10th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Main Naa Bhoolungi 10th February 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 10th February 2014 Written Update

Shikha and Inspector Naik come out of Sameer/Aditya’s house. Naik says Shikha that I told you Sameer won’t budge easily, we will have to use legal help. Shikha says you are right, we should take legal help. Though he would have taken wrong path to betray me, I will take legal route to teach him a lesson. Inspector says we should first go and get an arrest warrant for Sameer. She says you are right. They both go.

Madhu’s stepmom Sunaina asks nanny to give Arnav to her. She takes Arnav and starts playing with him. Madhu sees this, comes angrily and snatches Arnav from Sunaina. She says you are not her grandma.

Shikha and inspector Naik come to delhi police commissioner’s office. They tell them about Aditya Jagannath. Commissioner asks them if their

allegations are true. He says Aditya Jannath is from famous and rich family and to think again before alleging him. Inspector asks him impulsively if rich people can’t make crimes and asks to issue a warrant. Commissioner gets angry and says inspector he can’t talk to him like that. He furthe asks inspector not to be too emotional. There is a procedure to issue a warrant. He asks them to go now. Commissioner then calls Aditya and informs him.

Madhu scolds nanny for giving Arnav to her stepmom and warns her not to give Arnav to her again. She gives Arnav to nanny to take care. Madhu’s stepmom asks what will happen if she plays with Arnav. Madhu says she is not her mom and not to try becoming her mom. She can’t fool her with emotional drama. She can fool her dad, not her.

Madhu further says you are from a lower middle class family, married my dad and is dreaming big. You got a big mansion, servants, etc. She asks her stepmom not to make emotional drama again.

Inspector and Shikha come out of commissioner’s office. Inspector says Aditya is very influential. Shikha says she was blind in his love and didn’t see his true identity. She does not even know why Sameer did this to her. He is in front of her and she can’t do anything. Manav is with him. Inspector asks her not to worry, he will get the arrest warrant from Nasik.

Madhu’s stepsister Aarya throws her phone. Madhu gets furious and shouts at her. She asks her how dare you to throw my phone. Aarya asks her how dare you to talk to my mom like that. Madhu says her to talk to her mom. They start a verbal spat. Aditya comes and asks Aarya why is she misbehaving with her sister. She says it does not look good to call her sister. She asks Madhu which club she is going today to blow off money. Aditya says Aarya that she should be ashamed to talk like this. Aarya says he should be ashamed the most. Madhu asks her to stop. Her mom also asks her to stop. Aditya takes Madhu.

Madhu’s dad starts playing with Arnav and is happy. Her stepmom Sunaina goes to his room and asks him to retire now and spend time with Arnav. He says he is very happy after Arnav came. Arnav’s mom has also changed and goes into flashback. Madhu is angry that he gave only 30% in his property share. She says his whole property belongs to her. She further shouts at Sunaina that she married her dad for his property and status. She says she won’t give even 1 Rs from her dad’s property. She tears the Will and says she don’t accept it. Her dad gets angry and asks her to get out. He says she does know her responsibility even after her marriage. She always indulges in alcohol, how can she handle his business empire. He says until you are ready to be called as my dauther, dont show you face to me and asks her to get out.

Madhu’s dad says she has proved herself as my daugther now. Madu stands outside his dad’s room and thinks her plan is working because of Arnav. She goes to their parent’s room and asks Arnav to feed him. She takes him and says children should be fed on time to be healthy. He tries to go, her dad stops her and says thank you very much for Arnav. He waves his hand happily to Arnav. Madhu comes to her room and says Aditya that this boy is doing wonders.

She says Aditya that she can even fool her family. Her dad was very impressed. She asks about Shikha. Aditya says he got a call from DM that Shikha and Naik had gone to get arrest warrant against him. DM is corrupt. He didn’t issue arrest warrant and informed me. Madhu says good DM is corrupt, but Naik is not corrupt. He will help Shikha. Aditya says he will take care of it and not to worry. Madhu says what will happen if Shikha goes to media. She says she somehow managed today. If dad gets to know about this, he will kick us out. Even Jaya and Aarya are waiting for a chance. Aditya says Shikha can’t do anything. He knows the hotel address of Shikha. He will finish her. Madhu says he will make Shikha to come to them wherever they will call.

Shikha stands in front of hte mirror and remembers Adtiya’s words. She gets a call and picks it. Aditya calls her as Sameer and asks how are you kismish. He says he wanted to kill her in sleep so that she won’t feel pain and asks her she would have felt a lot of pain falling from cliff. He says she would try to fight with him and would try to record his call and says not to worry, he will call tomorrow and to record his call then. Shikha asks her to stop talking rubbish and asks him why he did this to her. Aditya says to forget the past and to think about the present and Manav, their son. Shikha says Manav is only his son. Aditya says if he wants to meet Manav. Though he is very bad, he thinks of her. He felt bad that she went from his house without meeting Manav. He will let her meet Manav. She says she wants to meet Manav. He calls her behind old Delhi’s railway station and asks her not to bring Naik.

Precap: Aditya comes with Manav. Shikha gets happy and asks him to give Manav to her. He throws Manav in air..

Update Credit to: MA

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