Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Bua Finds Out About Prenuptual Agreement

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

In court, Satya pulls dagger on opponents who panic and jump from witness box. Judge warns her to stop. Satya apologizes judge and says she just wanted to prove that opponents who had medical report that they cannot even walk a bit jumped from 4 feet witness box and ran away. Judge says Satya is right and grants divorce to her client and 3 months imprisonment to her opponents. He also warns Satya that she took wrong way to prove her point.

Rama and Daya reach Sarika’s house with lots of gifts. Sarika’s greedy in-laws take gift and walk away. Rama asks Sarika where is Akash. Sarika says he usually does not stay at home, not even during teej and other festivals. Rama says even her papa used to work hard and return home late, she never complained; gives Sarika

moral gyaan that she should to get adjusted in her in-laws house well.

In court, lawyers discuss that Satya can go to any extent to win. Another lawyer says she even got prenuptual agreement before her daughter’s wedding from groom’s mother. Bua hears that and bribing lawyer asks him to give her prenuptual papers’ copy. He searches and gives it to her. She says she did not bring specs and asks lawyer to read. He reads all conditions. At home, Surana family performs pooja. Samar and Jaya perform aarti. Bua enters informs family about prenuptual agreement and conditions by Satya. Rama reminisces incident. Samar asks what kind of conditions. Bua Satya kept a few conditions in front of Rama, else she would not have agreed for Jaya and Samar’s marriage. Chachi asks what conditions. Bua says 7 conditions with 7 pheras and repeats each condition. Dadaji asks whtat rubbish is this. Bua shows prenutual agreement. Daya reads it and shows it to Samar. Bua says she doubted Satya from before, else which mother interferes in her married daughter’s life so much. Dadaji reads it next and says it is Jaya and Samar’s marriage certificate. Bua asks how can it be. Chachaji and Samar also say it is marriage certificate. Bua asks Rama to speak. Dadaji asks Bua to stop spoiling their festival and apologizes Samar and Jaya. They both ask not to apologize as Bua is misunderstood. Dadaji says because of her misunderstanding, family’s environment is spoilt. Daya says let us drop this issue right here and enjoy festival. Bua angrily walks to her room. Rama stands shocked. Lallan tells her how he saw Bua’s evil ideas and exchanged prenuptual agreement with marriage certificate. He says he does not know what is right and wrong in prenuptual agreement, but he knows Rama would have taken decision after a lot of thinking, so he exchanged it.

Rama takes Bua to her room, locks it and shows prenuptual contract papers to Bua and says she accepted Satya’s conditions as she does not want to break Jaya and Samar’s marriage; Bua can go and inform family, but she has to know the reason behind; her son fell in love for the first time; Jaya’s mother was worried for her daughter, Jaya is a good girl, etc.. and asks if Bua thinks she did wrong by agreeing to these conditions and if Jaya has insulted her anytime, she can inform family. She opens door. Bua stops her and says she did sin once and will not do it again, apologizes her. She cries that her saas tortured her a lot, so she wanted to torture Jaya; says it is time to go and asks Rama to hide these papers somewhere and not let anyone know about it.

Precap: Samar asks Jaya what if her mother had imposed such conditions. Jaya says she would not talk to her mother again. Samar says he would do same if his mother had agreed to such conditions. Rama hears that.

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