Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Bua’s Determines More To Punish Jaya

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar catches Bua’s lies red handed. Jaya asks what is her mistake. Bua says not only it is her mistake, her mother also is at mistake and describes dirt splash incident. Jaya says mamma did not identify here due to dirt and even she did not identify her and was laughing on Lallan’s jokes and not seeing her. Samar requests Bua to forgive Jaya and Satya. Bua acts as agreeing and apologizes even Jaya for being so rude. She hugs them and with grinning face thinks because of Jaya, her grandson Samar doubted her, now she will punish Jaya more brutally.

At Satya’s house, Naani buys utensils from vendor. Richa asks Naani why she is buying utensils when they have so many already. Naani says it is auspicious to buy utensils on Dantheras day. Richa asks Satya if

Jaya is fine as she did not call from a long time. Naani asks her to call herself and find out.

In the morning, Jaya helps Rama with home decoration and lights lamps. Samar joins her. They both get engrasped into each other’s eyes. Chachi sees that and comments Rama that they lost these romantic moments long ago. Rama gets shy. Chachi coughs. Samar and Jaya get alert. Chachi says they have lots of work pending. Jaya says she will cut fruits and leaves. Chachi taunts Samar. Dadaji returns with dantheras gifts and asks Bua to distribute to whole family. Family accepts gifts and thanks dadaji. Later, Jaya gets ready for pooja. Samar says she is looking very beautiful and he needs a kiss. She says her makeup will spoil and he should try some creative idea to get kiss. He starts thinking. Jaya says everyone cannot be creative. Samar makes her stand in front of mirror and kisses Jaya via it. Bua calls for pooja. Jaya walks away. Samar asks to give his reward though.

Bua with Lallan goes to court to get some legal documents typed by lawyer. Satya enters. Her aide introduces to her client’s husband who tries to bribe her. She accepts money. Court hearing starts. Satya presents her client’s case that her client’s in-laws torture her for dowry and grandson and produces call records made by in-laws to client’s parents. Opposition lawyer produces fake medical report and says his clients have severe medical illness and cannot even walk properly, forget torturing bahu. Judge reads medical report and takes 15 min break before pronouncing judgement. Bua and Lallan hear lawyers discussing Satya will never lose case. Lallan insists bua to watch Satya’s case. Court hearing starts. Judge asks where is Satya. Opposition lawyer jokes Satya that ran away due to fear of losing. Satya enters holding something under cloth. Judge asks what is she holding. Satya walks to client’s in-laws and shows dagger warning if she cannot win, she will kill them.

Precap: Bua reveals Surana family that Jaya and Samar’s marriage is on the basis of prenutual agreement, if they separate, Surana family’s half wealth will go to Jaya.

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