Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Samar Exposes Bua’s Truth

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bua exchanges Jaya’s given headache medicine with BP medicine and asks Samar to break its wrapper. Samar says it is high BP medicine. Jaya says she gave headache medicine. Bua alleges Jaya that she wants to harm her repeatedly. Rama says Bua that she is mistaken, why would Jaya harm her. Samar scolds Jaya that she should be careful. After sometime, family enjoys Chachaji’s lame poems when Bua runs out of her room shouting someone tried to burn her with hot water and asks who switched on geyser. Everyone say no. Jaya says she had come to Bua’s room, but did not switch on geyser. Bua alleges she wants to burn her. Rama takes Jaya’s side, but Samar scolds Jaya. Rama warns to behave with his wife and requests Bua to drop this issue right here. Bua asks Chachi

and Jyoti to drop her to her room.

Jaya calls Satya crying and says she is torture there and pleads to take her from there. Satya wakes up from sleep calling Jaya. Naani enters and asks what happened. Satya says Jaya called her and told shhe is in trouble, she needs to go there. Naani says her phone is charging far away, it is just her bad dream as she is thinking a lot about Jaya, Jaya must be happy in her home. Satya calls Jaya, Jaya also reminiscing all the incidents calls Satya. They both get busy tone. Naani asks Satya to calm down.

Samar walks to Jaya. Jaya says she does not want to hear apology. Samar says he did not come to apologize, but to scold her for trying to harm Bua, she should go and apologize Bua. Bua hears hiding and walks to her room smirking. Jaya walks to Bua and apologize her for her mistake. Bua says it is okay, mistakes are made by youngters, even she used to and her saas used to punish her a lot, asks her to bring milk for her. Jaya leaves. Bua thinks she will not forgive Jaya so easily as her mother insulted her, wait and watch what she will do. Jaya goes to kithen and fills milk glass. Bua silently walks in and mixes poison in glass, then acts as seeing bottle and alleges Jaya that she was trying to kill her and calls whole family. Samar walks in and asks what is happening. Bua alleges that Jaya mixed poison in her milk. Jaya says why would she. Samar says they will know just now and drinks milk. Bua gets tensed thinking she mixed real poison and panics. Samar says nothing will happen to him as he exchanged milk glass, reminiscing exchanging it with Jaya’s help.

Samar confronts Bua that he knew her truth beforehand and reminisces Jaya telling if he does not trust her, it is better she leaves. She picks her pink suitcase and tries to leave. Samar says he knows it is not her mistake but Bua’s. He continues that he scolded Jaya seeing Bua standing near door, he even knows Bua’s room’s geyser is under repair. Jaya says Bua has right to scold her, but what is her mistake. Bua says her mother did mistak einstead.

Precap: Samar gets romantic with Jaya. In court room, Satya shows dagger to witnesses in witness box.

Update Credit to: MA

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