Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Naani Shows Mirror To Satya

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Satya continues yelling at Rama and showing prenuptual agreement shouts that she broke the rule and forced Jaya to fast. Agreement falls down. Samar walks in front of them. They get tensed seeing him. He picks paper and without reading it returns it to Satya. Doctor informs that Jaya is awake now. Satya stops Samar and Rama and herself walks in with Naani. She cries that REama forced her to fast when she warned her not to, she risked Jaya’s life, so now she will file case against Samar’s family and throws them behind bars. Jaya finally speaks and says she kept fast herself. Satya continues even then how can Rama not know about Jaya’s fast, she will not let Jaya go to her sasural. Naani confronts and says Jaya will go to her sasural for sure, Satya is spoiling

her children’s lives; she thinks for simple issues, divorce is final solution; in her times, divorce was a curse. Satya’s own daughter Shika is fasting whole day in front of her for her husband even after divorce, but Satya did not know abnout it, how can she blame Rama. She continues that she is her mother and orders her to let Jaya go with her family and she return to her home. Satya stands shocked, Naani rocks.

Naani goes out and apologizes Rama for Satya’s misbehavior and asks her to take Jaya home. Samar enters and gets emotional seeing Jaya. He packs her bangles and other belongings with teary eyes. Jaya asks him to be with her always. He promises. Their emotional bonding continues. On the other side Satya with naani reaches home. Shika asks if Jaya is fine. Satya nods yes and reminisces Naani’s words that Shika fasted without Satya’s knowledge.

Samar and Rama take Jaya home. Family greets her in and ask how is she feeling now, what did doc say, etc. Jaya says she is fine now. Rama asks her to go and rest and sends her to room. Bua fumes over Satya’s interference and bringing ambulance. Rama says Satya was worried for her daughter. Bua says that does not mean she will bring ambulance and create drama. She continues fuming. After sometime, Bua sees Jaya’s jewelry and asks why is she keeping jewelry with her, family keeps it with Rama. Jaya says her mom told to keep her jewelry herself. Bua fumes.

Precap: Bua unable to tolerate Satya’s interference in Rama’s married life shouts both daughter and mother trouble whole Surana family.

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