Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya Drags Samar Out of Her House

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar slaps Akash and shouts how dare he is to cheat Sarika. Chacha and Vijay hold Samar. Akash shouts they came to know the truth, now he is divorcing Sarika and will see how they will upbring Sarika’s child. Rama slaps Akash and warns that she respects sanskar and does not suggest divorce, but when husband is cheating and traitor, it is better to kick him out of life, she does not need such a leech for her daughter and does not need such a father for her grandson, get out of her house. Akash walks away.

Satya walks to Jaya and tries to brainwash her to forget what happened and start a new life. Samar calls Jaya. Satya asks Jaya not to pick his call and delete is number. Jaya blindly obeys Satya and deletes number. Samar feeling guilty thinks he should apologize

Jaya at least once. Rama asks him if Jaya is not picking call. Samar says he insulted Jaya repeatedly, everything is finished. Rama suggests to convince Jaya somehow. Samar says she is not picking call at all. Rama asks to meet her then. Samar says Satya will not let him meet Jaya. Rama suggests him to meet Jaya alone like before. Samar says situation was different then. Rama says their love is same, she is sure Samar will convince Jaya for sure.

Samar climbs window and reaches Jaya’s room. Jaya tries to shout, but he shuts her mouth and pleads not to shout. He apologizes her and says he came to know that Akash is a culprit and Jaya is innocent, he does not want to divorce Jaya and wants to live like before with her. Jaya says at last he found out Akash’s truth and Sarika’s life is safe. Samar says he kicked Akash out of house. Jaya says like he kicked her out of house. He says it was a mistake. Jaya asks if he can take back his words, divorcee and mad family. Samar says he cannot change whatever he told, he made a mistake by not trusting her and once he came to know the truth, he came to apologize her. Jaya says sh was a lier til now and now she is true, till when. She wanted a life partner who can trust her and not a rich man who cannot trust her, not the insult from rich family, she is happy in her mother’s house. Samar pleads to give him one last chance as he cannot live without her.

Satya walks in and drags him out while he pleads to listen to him once and pushing him out of house shouts dare not return here, else she will send him to jail. Samar continues knocking door and walks away sadly. He returns home and seeing Rama praying god says he could not save his relationship, Jaya will not return. Satya asks not to accept defeat so easily. Samar asks whom to fight, Satya will get them divorced for sure like she got her other 2 daughters divorced. Rama says Satya thinks that, not them, it is a fight between 2 different thinking, he has to change whole family’s thinking and belief and has to clear dust from their weird thinking. She says just like Ravan captured Seeta, Satya’s thinking has captured Jaya and he has to change Satya’s thinking. Samar asks how will he, Satya kicked him out of her house. Rama says where there is love, path automatically appears, he should find path himself. Next morning, Jaya opens door hearing door bell and sees Samar standing with his suitcases.

Precap: Samar tells Satya that Judge asked him and Jaya to stay together, so he will stay with Jaya here and does his graha pravesh himself.

Update Credit to: MA

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