Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 1st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya Alleges Rama For Breaking Prenuptual Rules

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 1st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

After breaking karvachauth fast with other Surana family ladies, Jaya collapses due to weakness. Family gets tensed and feel her pulse and BP dropping. Satya’s phone rings. Lallan picks phone and says Jaya collapsed and cannot speak to her. Satya stands fuming. Family worriedly lift Jaya and try to take her in when Satya enters. Samar worriedly says Jaya was fine just now and collapsed. Bua brings herbal concoction for Jaya, but Satya pushes her hand. Samar tries to help, but Satya even pushes his hand, warns Rama and takes Jaya in ambulance. Dadaji asks Gauri Shankar, Rama, and Samar to go behind ambulance.

Satya brings Jaya to hospital. Doctor takes her into ICU and infuse saline. Samar with his parents reach hospital and gets more tensed seeing Jaya’s condition, asks Satya what did doctor say. Nurse asks to sign urgent form. Samar takes it saying he is Jaya’s husband. Satya snatches it and signs form saying she is Jaya’s mother. Doctor comes out. Samar asks what happened to Jaya. Doctor says hyperacidity attack due to fasting for long. Satya says when she will get conscious. Doctor says he cannot say. Samar says Satya they don’t know when Jaya kept fast, they were all with her. Rama takes him aside and asks not to speak, just pray for Jaya.

Sarika eagerly waits for her husband Akash to break fast. Her in-laws enter laughing, MIL says she is hungry and will go and break fast, Sarika should wait till Akash returns. Sarika falls asleep and when she wakes up at 12 midnight she finds her husband sleeping. She tries to wake him up. MIL enters and asks not to disturb him and break fast seeing his photo. Sarika stands heartbroken.

Rama tries to console Satya, but Satya verbally abuses her that she broken her promise and let Jaya fast, she is worried about her son and not bahu, shows prenuptual contract and says she signed paper with condition she will not force any ritual on Jaya. Samar walks towards Jaya’s room. Satya continues she would have reminded her of contract yesterday itself, but did not, she should have and stopped her daughter’s condition. Paper falls down. Samar walks towards them and looks at papers on floor.

Precap: Samar reads prenuptual papers.

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  1. Wow has generation changed now a days. That when a woman wants to get married her family have to make prenup agreement. Wow world is changing wish Olden times were like now but I think even men should have rights to make prenup before marriage.
    Debate on this issue men and women have equal rights. So everyone before heading towards marriage better prepare your prenup

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