Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Samar Asks Jaya To Get Out of His House

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akash alleges Jaya that she was trying to lure him to honey trap him and sent him repeatedly messages disguised as Siya. Jaya pleads Sarika to tell truth. Sarika keeps quiet reminiscing Akash’s request to forgive him for the sake of their kid. Jaya then shows Akash’s messages to Samar. Samar breaks her phone and shouts she is doubting son-in-law of this house, she is alleging his character and calling his sister a lier. Jaya stands shocked. Samar continues that divorces may happen in Jaya’s family and not in his house; earlier her mother started drama which Jaya followed. Jaya warns not to involve her mother in all this. Samar continues that she is like her mother, her mother did not teach her to keep relationships united. Rama asks him to stop, but he gives

his promise and asks not to interfere. He continues taking each family member’s name and their excitement and gifts for Jaya’s birthday, but she ruined their happiness. He warns his father also to not interfere and breaks Dadaji’s brought jewelry, cake made by Jyoti and Chachi, gift made by him, etc. Jaya stands silently. Samar brings her pink suitcase and throwing it towards her says she always wantged to go and he used to stop her, now he wants her to go.

Rama pleads Jaya not to go. Jaya says her mamma was right, sasural cannot be girl’s first house, she does not know what problem she has that she is hiding truth, she always considered her as her sister; Samar alleged her mamma that she divorces her daughters and keeps them home, he does not know how difficult it is for a mother to send her dear daughter away. She says Samar that he cannot see her tears, but can see his sister’s tears; he told she told her senses of seeing and understanding, but he is blindfolded and is kicking her out of house, thanks to him; he used to come to her maika to take her back, but this time she will not return as she is going with allegations, she will not forget this. She addresses dumbly standing family that she is thankful for their efforts to make her birthday a memorable event, she is going from here the day she was came on this earth. She walks towards door and sees Satya standing.

Precap: Jaya leaves Samar’s house. Satya over phone informs Rama that she has prepared Jaya and Samar’s divorce papers and they will reach her soon.

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Samar, Samar…you are really stupid. You are ruining your marriage for your silly sister and your womanizer brother in law. Wow Samar, I hope when the facts are out in the open you won’t be running back to Jaya because Satya will not allow you back in her life.

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