Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sarika Lies and Protects Akash

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar and Jaya dance on Janam Janam Saath chalna in Jaya’s birthday party while family watches their dance smilingly. On the other side, Akash tries to convince Sarika not to inform her family about his heinous acts. She says she will inform her family and walks towards door. He grips her and says he will not live her alive at all. She pushes him and asks if he can dare hit her. He angrily pushes her, and she falls on desk and collapses, injuring her forehead. He walks away locking room. Jaya gets worried for Sarika when she does not pick call and rushes to her house. She sees her unconscious on floor and shakes her to wake up. Sarika opens eyes and says Jaya is right, Akash is a bad man and when his truth was out, he punished her. Jaya says they will punish

Akash and rushes her to hospital. Doctor takes Sarika to ICU.

Jaya calls Satya and informs her whole incident and pleads to come to hospital soon. Samar calls Jaya and she informs even him. Satya and Samar with parents rush to hospital. Samar asks doctor how is Sarika now. Doc says she is fine and they can meet her. Rama cries looking at Sarika’s condition and says Satya was right, she should have trusted Satya. Samar says he will not spare Akash. Inspector walks in. Satya says she called him, asks inspector to take Sarika’s statement and arrest Akash. Inspector asks Sarika how did she injure. Sarika lies that she got injured accidentally. Jaya stands shocked. Inspector says Satya told.. Satya asks Jaya not to worry and tell truth to inspector. Jaya also asks her to tell truth. Sarika repeats that she slipped and fell from stairs, her husband is innocent and not to drag him in all this, they are mistaken. Jaya asks Sarika to tell what she told her. Sarika says she was unconscious. Samar scolds Jaya to stop and not increase Sarika’s problem.

Akash walks in holding sweet box and congratulates Rama that she is becoming grandmother. Family rejoices while Jaya and Satya stand shocked. Akash offers sweet to Jaya and says he brought sweet from Tarachand halwai and asks who called media and police. Jaya asks Sarika why she is lying. Samar warns Jaya to stop, else he will make a drama here, better to come home and speak. Inspector asks Satya to finish formalities. Akash smirks at Satya and tells Rama that doctor told they can take Sarika home. Reporters throngs them and question if Akash tortured his wife, why did Satya call police. Family walks away embarrassed. Reporter reports that Akash must be culprit, but Surana family is protecting Akash.

Akash reminisces informing his mother about torturing Sarika and mother scolding him to go and apologize Sarika, else they all will be in jail. He goes to hosptal where receptionist informs him that his wife is pregnant. He walks into Sarika’s room. Sarika shouts to go away, else she will call everyone. He says they are becoming parents and pleads to give him a chance. She agrees. Surana family returns home. Samar blames Jaya again. Jaya pleads Sarika to tell truth in front of family, she was just helping her. Sarika says she already told what she had to. Akash says Jaya lured him repeatedly disguised as Tara to trap him, earlier her mother and now her. Rama and Samar reminisce Jaya’s excuses.

Precap: Samar asks Jaya to get out of his house and pushes her pink suitcase towards her. Jaya walks away with her suitcase.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This is so sad. Jaya believed Samar blindly when he was accused of cheating in her, she went against her own monther who she loves the most in the world. She didn’t ask for a single proof.

    But now samar doesn’t believe her. This show is showing regressive attitude. Sarika is saving her husband because she’s pregnant. Samar doesn’t believe his wife. Why do women have to suffer everytime. No wonder Satya has become so bitter. Jaya should walk out and never come back. And what kind of girl is sarika? Forgiving her abusive husband because she’s pregnant. She can come back to her house, live with her family and take care of her baby. Why does she need such a monster as her baby’s father, the baby and her deserve better. She can see her brother’s marriage break apart but she won’t bring out her marriage truth in front of her family.

    1. Yvonne Codner

      Hey Aisha, I totally agree with you. Jaya was helping Sarika, and she just threw her under the bus without a thought to save her cheating snake of a husband. He left her in that room to die and Jaya saved her and now Jaya’s marriage is breaking, and she is the only one who can save it, but alas, she will not. You are right, she could have gone to her home and raised her child there with so much love from everyone, but she chose the snake, well time will tell. I hope it will not cost her life. Why was Samar so eager to throw out Jaya, he is going to be so sorry that he will be begging Jaya to come back to him.

    2. do u expect anything other then this , women are always shown week in Hindi serials , husband is patti god blah blah , they will drag this on and on and on . men can do and get away , women are then shown as week and they forgive , but men dont and cant if they find the woman is cheating.

      1. Cgirl

        The double standards & hypocrisy in these indian serials are disgusting & outrageous ugh!

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