Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Samar Scolds Jaya

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar calls Jaya and asks where is she. She says she went for a walk with mamma. Samar asks till Sarika’s house, Akash called Sarika and informed that he save Jaya and Satya on his house’s live CCTV footage, asks to return home right now. Jaya gets tensed. Satya asks to check once for her sake and walks into house. Akash with is girlfriend hides behind curtain. Satya walks towards curtain and is about to pull it aside when Jaya stops her and takes her away. Akash and his girlfriend relax. Girlfriend asks how did he know they came here. Akash says he saw them beforehand and hid. Satya and Jaya return home. Samar scolds Jaya that Akash called Sarika and scolded her a lot. Satya says it is not Jaya’s mistake and apologizes Sarika for the inconvenience caused.

Sarika says it is okay, she is like her mother. Samar says let us forget what happened.

Next morning, Samar asks Rama what did she prepare for breakfast. Rama asks to suggest what he wants to have. Chachi says they are bored with same breakfast. Satya asks if she can suggest and says let us have Paranthas at their favorite dhaba. Family likes idea. Satya says she will treat them and takes them to dhaba. She and her family enjoy green chillies with paranthas. Chachi asks if it is not hot. Satya says they are habituated. Samar says now he knows why they speak so sweet. Dadaji says chillies are good for health. Surana family bites chillies and shouts for water. After finishing breakfast, Satya goes to wash her hand and hears Akash’s friends discussing if they need money, they should take it from their in-laws just like Akash took 15 lakhs Rs from his in-laws recently for gambling. Another one says Samar’s in-laws are Suranas and are very rich.

Satya returns home and stands reminiscing Akash’s friend’s words. Jaya enters. Satya says she knows where Samar spent 15 lakhs, he gave it to Sarika who gave it to Akash. Jaya stands shocked. Satya says Samar is a good boy, but Akash is a wrong boy and used money for gambling, she should ask Sarika once. Jaya walks to Sarika and says she knows Samar gave her 15 lakhs rs and she gave it to Akash who lost it in gambling. Sarika stands shocked and reminisces Akash warning not to take his name and let Samar be trapped, else he will be caught. She asks if Samar informed her. Samar enters and hearing their conversation asks Jaya to return to her room. Sarika asks him why did he inform Jaya about 15 lakhs. Samar says he did not, someone else informed her. He returns to room and scolds Jaya why are she and her mother behind Sarika and Akash, stop interfering in their lives. Jaya stands crying. Satgya walks in and asks if she asked Sarika, what did she say. Jaya shouts to stop interfering in Sarika’s life, her life is affected because of it.

Precap: Gas cylinder catches fire when Jaya cooks. Rama drags cylinder out.
Family shouts it will burst.

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