main lafz tera tu hai meri zuban – twinj (os)

Hii guys..
Its again me to irritate u…
I noe i told that i will post my epi..
N trust me soon i will..
I noe i have been saying u this only.. SHOLLY…
i m here with another os…
“Mein lafz tera tu hai meri zuban-twinj (os)”
So lets start…
A girl is shown entering in a hall and every one is shouting or shoul i say howling….yep guys..she was a singer…not only singer..but a popular one…she is none other than our sid’s syappa queen…twinkle looking perfectly stunning in a black jeans and white crop trop with stylish silver earing…everywhere just crowd is seen…they r just shouting..hooting…her name only….twinkle! twinkle! twinkle!…she comes downstage and goes to greenroom..there comes the reporters…she sits in the chair…the reporters,jouneralists and camera men…all were waiting for her permission to start the interview.. twinkle looks at themand says-start
(Guys i will use j for jouneralists)
J1-what is ur thinking about marriage…what is ur thought..will u marry..?
T-noo…i will not marry..i dont want to marry so i will not.
J2-mam..who is behind ur success…i mean i have heard that every successful has some1 behind them who supports them…many says their parents..who supported u..?
T-tha koi jo muje sabse jyada support karta tha…(there was some1 who always supported me..)and he was world’s best petson i have ever met…
J3-mam i want to ask a question to u but its a bit personal..may i..?
T-yeah sure
J3-mam have u ever loved some1…?
Twinkle gets teary eyes andthe sentence echoes…
T-yes i have loved some1…some1 very special…it was about 5 years ago(n she narrates her story…i will write as her point of view only)i was not a famous singer..i was a street singer…i used to sing n collect money…one day wen i was singing a song…a super talented singer was going in his luxurious car of white colour…wen he heard my song he came out to search of the voice…wen he saw me he was glued in his place…i was singing…

Mere chote chote khaab h..
Khaabo me geet h..
Geeto me jindagi h..
Chahat h preet h..
Abhi me na dekho khaab vo..
Jinme na tu mile..
Ye khole honth mene..
Ab tak the jo sile..
Mujhko na jitna mujhpe..
Utna is dil ko tujhpe..
Hone laga aitbaar..
Tanha lamho me bhar k..
Bunti hu tere sapne..
Tujhse hua mujhko pyar..
Puchungi tujhko kabhi na..
Chahu me ya na..
Tere khaabo me ab jeena..
Chahu me kyu na..

He was still lost in my song..or i think in me..actually i was not wearing much designed clothes but a simple white suit.i stopped wen i saw heart was beating as fast as an aeroplane..he was the most popular singer KUNJ SARNA…and i was so shocked to see him infront of me..he came to me n said
K-i liked ur voice very much..u r just amazing…i was shocked to hear this from him…he continued…will u sing for me…i was standing there all numb…i somehow managed to controll my happiness and said
T-ya sure..y not..i will definetly infact i m on cloud 9,10,11,infinity…i m feeling.Just then i felt something soft on my lips…he kept his hand on my lips to stop me from speaking more(hehe guys..m too small dont think all this rubbish)n said
K-bas much u dpeak..
T-oh sorry…i speak too much…
Kunj smiled n thinks-she is soo innocent so quite and understand every1.she is just beautiful..then he said to her
K-ok so come with me..
He took me to his house with him…his house was just too big and lavish…he told me to change and come…after about 15 mins i came out wearing a royal blue gown in which sleeves were made of net..i still remember that gown..its still with me..he was mesmerized by me..i am so glad..that was the best day of my life..he said
K-u r looking beautiful..just perfect..
I smiled n said-thanks…
K-ok now sleep..from tommorow we will go for ur audition
T-yes..n went to her room..

Next day..
We went there n they gave me 1 month to prepare a song and kunj will help me…and she prepared her first song: samjhavan…we were practicing in a room…he took a guitar n started singing…
Main tenu samjhavan ki..
Na tere bina lagada ji..
Tu ki jaane pyar mere..
Main karu intezar tera..
Tu dil tu yu jaan meri..jaan meri..
I was totaly lost in him
K-now its ur turn..dont stare at me like this..u r doing practice..not i..
Then i somehow sang
Main tenu samjhavan ki..
Na tere bina lagada ji..
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera..
Main karu intezar tera..
Tu dil tu yu jaan meri..jaan meri..

He sang rest of the song n i joined him..n we practice the whole Month…i was spending most of the time with kunj..i thought that i was falling for him..yes,i was falling for him but i thought that when i will become something n achieve something then only i will confess my love for him..and the day came..the biggest day of my life..yes,the day of audition..n i gain all the courage n sang
Ve changa nahi yo kitta ve beba..
Dil mera tod k..
Ve bada pachtaya akhan..
Nal tere jhod k..
Then i saw towards kunj n sang the rest..
Tenu chad k kitthe java..
Tu mera parchava..
Tere mukhde wich hi mai ta..
Rab nu apne pava..
Meri duaa….sajda de sada…
Tu sun ikrar mera..
Main kara intezar tera..
Tu dil tu yu jaan meri..jaan meri..
He just smiled n i got relieved seeing his smile…

I acheived what i everything was with me just because of by love for kunj increased..i went to his home to confess my feelings for him but i got the biggest shock of my life their…the day that should be the best was the worst day of my life..i hated that day very much..wen i went to his house he was no where to be found..wen i asked george our servent about him..he gave me a letter..its been 5 years i still remember each n every word of that was stating that..
“Twinkle i know u will b shocked to know that but plzz dont cry after reading this letter..the day i saw u i started falling for u..but i dint knew wat was in ur heart..anyways wat ever it is i decided to end my life here.n plzz dont try to follow Me as it is very late..n this letter..u will find this letter after my death..plz plz plz stop crying..i know u r crying right now..but i dint wrote this letter to make u cry..n ya dont stop ur singing..plz plz for me..plz keep singing..i wrote this letter to tell u my i told u..the first time i saw u i started falling for u..u friends always me that love is there..n surely ur love will be love at first site..v usually say na pehli nazar ka pyar(love at first site)..but i dint believed in all this..i used to think that all is rubbish but wen i saw u i realized that is at first site also happens as it happened with me..from now u have to start a new life..n plzz dont try to find the reason y i have done this.. if u love me then plzz dont..Ab is janam me hum saath nahi reh sake par agle janam me kya tum mera saath dogi..kya tum mujhse shaadi karogi..Love u
Ur kunj..
Fb ends..
J3-wow mam..wat a unique love is the best i have ever heard..twinkle wipes her tears n says..
T-yes it is the best story..the best love story of the world..i love u kunj n i miss u(sad sajna ve plays)ur twinkle miss u kunj..
Its not the end guys and i will not write it
B’coz true love stories never ends…

Hey guys..
Ty every1..
I got 25 comments in previous so thought to write one more..
I noe i have been telling u all that i will b posting my epi..
But i think i need some more time..
I mean 3-4 days..
Now coming to os..
How was it..
Was it good..
Or u all think it as too boring..
Or i was successful to entertain u all..
If it was boring then i m sorry..
But if it was good..then tyvm guys..
N guys one more thing..
My best friend is newly joined in tu..
I mean she too old but was a silent reader..
But finally on 9th 10th or 11th july she broke her silence n commented on saby di’s ff “i m a DEVIL of my ANGEL”..
From the name of sidhant diehard fan..
N she is thinking to write one..
So i think she will be posting her intro n filler..
She posted it many times but it was again n again deleted.
I hope u all wil support her as u all supported me..
N sayeeda di..plzz don end ur ff..plzz..plzz..plzz(itna plzz to mene kabhi apni behen se bhi bola..)
Now enough of my bakbak..
Love u all..!!

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it It was so sweet and sad 🙂

  2. sidhants dieharder fan

    Hey jasmin its me manu teri besti wow another os a very heart touching one made me cry love it very much and plz try to post your ff…..

  3. Sayeeda

    U made me so emotional ….ending was so heartbreaking but still I loved it ..Sooo cute OS …
    Yah dear I remember ur frnd on my last one also she supported me ..nd do tell her we all r their to support her …I’m waiting for her ff to start ..
    Nd don’t say plzzz to me I’m not ending my ff at any cost just bcoz of some other person …no I won’t ..
    I will try to post my next one day after Tmrw..
    Thank u for ur love ..
    love u

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome os…loved it…very emotional….

  5. Sameera

    Aww too cute n emotional epii lovely ??where were u haaa why u r not posting ur epi ???

  6. Mahi

    It’s really hart tackling

  7. Shatakshi

    Hey…that was so emotional
    It had a pinch of aashique 2…n that was the best part
    I loved it
    Do continue writing
    Love u❤❤❤❤

  8. Saby

    Darling wat an Os….
    Loved it yaar???
    Uh said it so correctly…… Seriously
    Loved it to the core of my heart…..
    And manu…. Ko bol dena…. TU has many cute ppl to support each other so don’t take tension and just post ur ff….???

  9. It was really good..inspired by Ashique 2?? I LOVE that saying at the end “We should love, not fall in love, because everything that falls, usually breaks” Bravo!

    1. Taylor Swift?

  10. Simply awesome

  11. Angita

    What an is yaaar?
    Was to good.
    Loved it very much yaar and
    That saying brought tears into my eyes

    1. Angita

      Its an os this dumb spell check

  12. sidhants dieharder fan

    Hey thankyou so much sayeeda di and jasmin and sayeeda di I supported u because I love u and ur ff very vey much…

  13. Kruti

    I’m spell bound ……what an emotional os just loved it

  14. Oh the saying I was just gonna cry loved it very emotional but amazing

  15. Rashiverma2199

    Awesome it was….lovely…..

  16. Shonaa...

    An emotional one but reallyyyyyy amazing awesomness ki hight love it

  17. Super loved it..

  18. Super..lovely,loved it

  19. I loved it

  20. Dreamer...arundhati

    Fandu, marvellous ,i loved 2 core

  21. Baby

    hey twinj frevr osm yr u made me cry yr kya likha hai luv u sidmin

  22. cutteee amazing but emotional and one more thing I am confused ki why Kunj had done suicide without any reason.

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