Main kunj ki deewani hoon. Two shots

In london

A girl is shown sitting in a cafe and chatting with her friends…..2girls and 1boy
then the girls face is shown …yes..she is none other than twinkle taneja
She gets a call and it flashed mommy cool….yes it leela taneja her mom….
She picked call …..han maa…kuch kaam hai kya??
L haan puttar …aaj tujhe dekhne ladki waale aa rahe hai…
T wht!???
Mom I told u i dont wanna get married
L I don’t want to listen anything just be back home now!!!
And she cut the call
T hpph…maa bhi na
Girl 1 ….twinkles little sis mahi….
M wht happen di?
T mom said that a boy is coming to see me
M so thats gud right ??
T wht gud haan ?
I hate marriages..u know that
M i know but chalo ab chalte hai warna ma will be angry
T ok

Nxt scene
Twinkle and mahi reach home…leela tells twinkle to get ready as the boy and his family would be on their way….. T and m…ok ma
A car comes infront of taneja mansion
1st boy’s parents come out….they are manohar and usha
Manohar is an business man while usha runs an NGO their in london..
They haven’t been to India since 30yrs
Then a dashing boy wearing red shirt black jacket and light blue denims comes out of the car….
Yes guys…..he is none other than kunj sarna….
They enter the house…leela sees them and says satssriakal…pls andar aaiye
Namaste hai hamara beta kunj
Jee…kinna sona munda hai….
Pls baithye…i will call twinkle and come

They get seated…

Nxt scene
Twinkle is getting ready …she is wearing a pink anarkali with silver bangles and golden earrings…leela comes and says kissi ki nazar na lag jaye meri kudi nu
Ab chal they r waiting for u

Then twinkle comes down and greets usha and manohar
And turns and sees kunj ….both r shocked to see eachother….
And say tumm!!!!
Ushar and leela asks them do u both know eachother


I girl is running in the collage like a bullet train as she is late for her class and in meanwhile she collides with a boy ….yup it was kunj …the girl fell over him and her hair covering her face…she quickly got up and turned towards the boy..she was twinkle…and said sorry
Kunj was hell angry as he had hurt his head on ground ….and started yelling at twinkle.
R u blind or what. Can’t u see and walk
T i said sorry nah then what u want
K tog kya mujhpe ahsaan kar rahi ho han!
T u dont dare to talk with me like that..ok! Do get that…Sadu
K r u any president or wht that i cant talk like tht to u…wait wht did u just call me????
T sadu
K sadu….seriously….how dare u
T my wish my mouth i can if i want to ok …sadu
Kunj was hell angry and said then ur siyappa queen…
Wht when did i do siyappa….ur talking shit…
K oh really then wht the hell ur doing hah..i
T whatever…I getting late oh shit today miss pinto will kill me
K i hope she does tht.
T wht
K ntng

T leaves from there abd prays to babaji ….i hope i never meet tht sadu again and leaves for her class
Flashback ends

T i will not marry this sadu…
K as if i am dying to marry u
Ma even i wont marry her……

Hey guys i am a silent reader…but read all fanfictions
I am writing for 1st time…pls throw ur comments as how was it and should i write further

Sidhant fan

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  1. Niddhi is so kind that she is giving gift to Ruhaan . How can anyone call Niddhi selfish ? She may not be a perfect human but she definitely loves Ruhaan though she doesnt show it . Niddhi adopted Ruhaan and sacrificed everything to make her a rockstar .

  2. Sayeeda

    Amazing …..Sidhantfan…..too good ..
    Why only two shots ….plzzz make it more longer ….it’s awesome…
    As far as further writing is concerned …u should write more nd more…. All the best

    1. Thanks alot Sayeeda it means alot and will definitely try to write an fanfiction

  3. Sameera

    Yep it’s amazing??? u should continue

    1. Thx sameera will definitely try…and thx once again for commenting

  4. Fan

    Awesome epi…

    1. sidhantguptafan

      Thanks alot

  5. Yup yaar its amazing…..
    Do cont asap ……

    1. sidhantguptafan

      Thx for commenting ….will post nxt one asap

  6. its too good….yaa pls make it this…..superb

    1. sidhantguptafan

      Thanks. …will post next one longer

  7. Saby

    Its just amazing do cont asap…. Plshhh?

  8. Amaya (kashish)

    Hey it was superb. Nd specially kunj dialogue in the last.. Please post next part soon … Very good.. Fabulous

  9. It’s an amazing story…eagerly waiting for next part

  10. Mahi

    Its a cute one pls writer further and soon as we r waiting for ur ff

  11. Shatakshi

    Hey it was too good… Loved it??

  12. Amazing…Superbbb…Fantastic
    Loved it to the core…
    Plz post next part asap

  13. Dreamer...arundhati

    Loved it, , Fantastic,
    I m waiting eagerly 4 next episode

  14. its good
    do cont asap

  15. hey sidhantfan osm yr

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