Main Hoon Tera Hero (Episode 1)

Scene1: Raman is travelling in a train…..he sees a bunch of goons troubling girls
Goon1: Leave us or else it would be expensive for u
Raman: I don’t like cheap things….. I prefer quite expensive ones..
Among the girls is Shagun who sees Raman fighting with the goons and she gets impressed

Mihir. Raman’s brother like friend opens his cupboard and talks to Raman’s poster
Mihir: Raman Bhai, I still remember the day when u came like a Shani in my life… even Dennis does not appear to be menace in front of u….everyday I pray that a beggar should come to my home or I shall have a back pain…but u should never come to me..
Just then someone rings the door bell and the person turs out to be Raman
Raman: Hi Mihir, r u not happy to see me???
Mihir: Why not
Raman pulls Mihir’s towel and goes to the bathroom

Scene 3:
Raman enters the college and sees Lord Krishna’s statuette….
Raman: Arre Kanha ji, u also followed me until Delhi…what a coincidence!!!
Krishna’s voice: Abbe oye, I am present everywhere
Raman: Come what may… I will get 90 per cent and don’t let me deviate especially girls…
Krishna’s voice: Okay, u look completely committed…..
Just then Ishita enters and prays to Krishna’s statuette ….. Raman gets flat when he sees Ishita and gets flat..
Krishna’s voice: Raman, she looks pretty right
Just then a flower falls from his statuette
Raman: Wow u gave me flower.. u r great lord
Krishna’s voice : Abbey u duffer……. It fell due to the current of wind…
Raman leaves….

Scene 4: Raman meets Ishita and her jealous friend Aisha
Raman: Hi I’m Raman, I am actually new to the city, and this college…thought to make new friends. Can u show me ur campus???
Aisha: I’ll show u my campus…..
Raman: There is no interest when u show the campus….. I want Ishita to show me…
Aisha: Good try but Ishita isn’t interested to show anyone…………
Ishita and Aisha leave just then Raman comes infront of Ishita…
Raman: Why ur jealous friend Aisha always comes
They both leave just then Mihir also comes
Raman: Ishita…OMG….she looks beautiful…..She is going to be ur bhabhi
Mihir: Raman bhai she is already the Bhabhi of the whole college
Raman: See if Rohit and Anita make Ronita….so Ishita and Raman would make Ish-Ra
Mihir: Bhai stop dreaming…..she is the going to be wife of Ashok Khanna
Raman: Who the heck is Ashok Khanna??

Ishita and Aisha dine in the canteen and they both come to the table where Mihir is sitting
Ishita: Hi Mihir
Mihir: Bye
Ishita: What happened to him??
Just the Raman is serving himself and singing don’t stop…
Raman: See Ishita, I want to tweet u, skype u, text u, and whatsapp u…if u don’t respond I will poke u..on facebook…
Raman recievs a call from his mom
Ashok comes and kicks a guy who is sitting with Ishita
Ashok: See Ishu…I am trying to become better person believe me….oh I completely forgot, my mom sent this saree to u….
Peter: from their khandaani ghagra
Ashok leaves and Raman talks to his mom

Raman: Ma, I am happy with the environment….Mihir is also here, I met my girlfriend Ishita…..
Ma: God bless u dear
Raman: See Ishita I even told my mom…. I swear to my mom’s chole….we will marry in Goa and honeymoon in Paris….
Ishita and Aisha leave………

Raman sees Mihir tensed
Raman: Mihir , what happened…
Mihir: Ashok Khanna’s men are finding u…
Raman just walks and Ishita pulls him into the class
Raman: Wow!!! Our first date is in the classroom
Ishita: Raman, I am not a normal girl whom u can win my heart, I guess it was my bad luck that Ashok Khanna came to me…(Ishita gets emotional)
A flashback comes…
Ashok and Peter come to Ishita’s house
Mr Iyer: I guess it might be the driver…
Mrs Iyer: I’ll go and see
Ashok: Namaste mummyji..this is a gift from my family a I salwar kameez….ohhh hello papaji GOT THIS 3 PC SUIT FROm Raymond
Mr Iyer: Who r u…
Ishita sees them and gets terrified
Ashok removes his gun and shoot s toward Peter and blames it on Mr Iyer
Raman consoles Ishita
Raman: u don’t worry Ishu, Raman is there….
Just then Raman opens the door and sees Ashok’s men
Raman: Arre let ur Bhabhi go no…………….

They four men run behind Raman

Precap: Raman fighting with Goldie and Rocky and Vicky and sooraj get scared and run away

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