Main adhoora tera bina – Twinj OS(shot 2)

Guys i will give authors note at the last…

shot 2
recap-flashback…twinj proposes eo and fallen blindly for eo…

after one year…..everything was normal in twinj’s life….one day twinkle was wid uv(uv is playing a positive role)he was sitting in the canteen twinkle gone to uv to take some notes and sat beside him they were talking casually……and when kunj came finding twinkle he was a little bit angry……but he brushed his thoughts and all this was noticed by alisha…..she thought it a perfect time… she gone to kunj and told….feeling jealous seeing ur gf wid a boy….kunj just ignored alisha and left….like this twinkle and uv become good frnds…..

one day….kunj didn’t attend class but twinkle attend wid uv….class got over twinkle was packing her stuffs suddenly uv came to her twinkle turned around both fell down twinkle above uv….alisha saw and clicked their pics in her phone…..but twiraj was aware of these…..and both got up…..twinkle left and gone to kunj….she tapped his shoulder…..kunj turned and saw twinkle…..alisha was behind kunj….tw was going to hug him but he stopped and showed her their pics in which tw was above uv… was shocked…..i never thought the one whom i loved the most will cheat on me….said kunj and left and alisha smirked…..twinkle saw alisha smirking and alisha told everything to tw how she clicked their pics…..and left….tw was shocked she gone uv and saw he was hugging someone and it was a girl….he saw tw crying uv came to tw and told him everything about alisha how she clicked their pics and how kunj didn’t believe her…..uv made her drink water…..and said now kunj will believe u i will made him believe….but how??asked tw….meet my girl my mahi….i always loved her and today i proposed her said uv….mahi smiled and twinkle too smile…..yuhi and twinkle left….to kunj….but kunj was no where to be found…..

twinkle got up and gone to meet kunj….after 15 mins tw found him….both were looking to eo….
so guys i end here last past as soon i will post..

guys this is enough i always thought my comments will be increased but now it is decreasing…..i thought i m good writer but now i m confirm i m worst in tu….bcoz everyone gets atleat 17 to 20 comments but i got only 11 comments….so its better after giving last shot of this os i will leave tu….and i also write ff on swaragini over there i atleat get21 comments but if i not get sufficient comments on my fav serial writing than toh its better i leave….so bye guys….now plzz don’t tell me to write more and this my last piece of writing after giving last shot….and today is my bday i thought it would be my best bday but it became worst….
bye guys

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  1. Sameera

    Hey adeeba what happen yaar don’t be sad coz of less comments it happens with me too I can understand u are good writer believe me well episode was too good Alisha to next episode me mar Dena ???? hahaha well do cont soon and dare to stop writing …
    Love u ?????

    1. thnx samu dii…..i have decided something yaa main nhi chodugin…TU…bcoz mujhe ab samajh aagaya comments less more hote rehte h….anyways alisha ko toh mujhe jaan se marne ka man krta h….but dekho aage kya hota h….hahaha….love u dii aur apne joh mujhe apne ff mein wish kiya that was vry nice dii…

  2. Aamna_2690

    Hey adeebu!
    It was fab dear…. n who said u r a very bad writer…. u know I am angry on u??how dare u said to leave tu…. n stop writing….. u know I loved ur writing n u r taking about leaving it….. I am seriously very hurt by ur this decision of leaving…… n on next short I am only going to comment when u will promise me to not leave writing on twinj… u know on last epi I just got 15 comments but I didn’t stop writing…. though I had got more than 20 comments too…… plz don’t stop writing….u consider me as ur elder sister…….. so it’s not a request but an order from the elder sister that u r not going to leave telly updates n nor stop writing on twinj…… dear i luved ur writing…..
    Love u dear??n hope to see u with a positive answer on next shot…. take care☺ n keep smiling??don’t lose the hope

    1. sorry aapi galti hogaye…..ab nhi bolungi aisa…kya karu bday k din TU khola toh socha lets see how many comments i have got toh dekha sirf..11 that’s y thoda jyaada bol diya ki TU chodugin…but app toh mujhse angry ho gaye plzz maaf krdo….ab se nhi bolungi aapi…aur promise TU nhi chodugin ab…love u aapi

  3. SidMin

    Happy birthday …. Love you yaar…. but what is this it’s your birthday today you should happy na……….
    Love you and stay happy for me ……
    And please I request you to continue writing ….. pls for me ..❣❣
    Love you ??

    1. thnx mili di…and i will continue..,

  4. Haww how can YOU say that???I just luved your ff and you?????
    just don’t even think of ending your Os??
    Happyy birthday to you Adeeba dii????????????
    May God fulfill your wishes and give you some brain so that you may not end your Os..???
    Luv you loads???

    1. thnx cp…for commenting dear…..and plzz register ur no. i also love u…

  5. Anam_sidhant

    Hey adeeba, first of all wishing you a very happy birthday! And don’t feel bad about the comments you’re absolutely a amazing writer.❤️ Don’t quit writing please!

    1. thnx anam….for commenting dear…luv u

  6. Purvi128

    Hi adeebu … Don’t be sad at all …
    Yrr u r best .. I love ur writing … Plss don’t leave TU … I know aesa hota hai … Less comments mileyn to kesi feeling hoti hai .. I know .. mere sath bhi hua aesa …. But don’t loose hope … I wish tumhein bhi zyada hi comment milen …
    Or wesy bhi .. it’s ur birthday today …. So be happy … At least for those who comments on ur writing … Who loves u …
    Plss be happy … Happy Birthday to u …
    May u get all the things in life which u want and also more comments …
    Ab plss smile kero … Or don’t leave TU .. thk hai na … Cuz I love u yrr …
    Plss don’t leave … Plss plss plsss …. I beg u … Plss .. hope u accept it …

    Loads of love Jaan … ????

    1. thnx a lot purvi…yayaaya….i will not stop writing dear….and vaise bhi u all r my stength bcoz of u all i can write anyways love u

      1. Purvi128

        That’s the spirit … dekh .. how many comments u got … love u

  7. RUTU.....

    Hey Abu darling,
    What are you saying don’t leave tu plz you are good writer don’t lose hope your comments surely increse don’t be sad on your special day love you so much

    1. thnx dii… rutu dii…love u

  8. RUTU.....

    It’s fabulous os and I loved it and for you I can do anything so…………

    1. fo

    2. for u also i can do anything

  9. RUTU.....

    Fantastic episode lovely

    1. love u dii

  10. RUTU.....

    Amazing episode

  11. RUTU.....

    Awesome episode

  12. RUTU.....

    Hands off to you

  13. RUTU.....

    Beautiful os

  14. RUTU.....

    You’re really very nice writer you are thinking I am toh pagal but what can I do I can do anything to make you smile

  15. RUTU.....

    And I don’t want because of comments my lovely get sad

  16. Presha

    Hey adeeba its a blast yaar don’t get disappointed I also got only 8 comment on my as but see I m always writing the is and never got disappointed so plz don’t be sad and don’t leave TU yaar u r a good writer it just everyone is busy with there exams so could not comment
    Happy birthday to u may all ur wish come true
    God bless u
    Keep smiling dear
    Love u

    1. thnx darling vaise u r looking cool in ur dp…online aana jaldi…

  17. RUTU.....

    To write stories is your talent don’t leave writing stories because of comments

  18. Simiyy

    Hey Adeeba
    firstly a very happy birthday, i pray Allah gives you a long and blessed life
    You are a very good writer
    don;t be disheartened about the amount of comments you gets
    you are a fab writer
    Please don’t quiet as you area good and talented writer
    happy birthday once again
    Loads of Love XXX

    1. thnx sweetie meri jaan….yaya i will not quite….jaan

  19. Hey adeeba,
    Don’t be sad ur great write ??????? Ur writing r just AMAZING ?????? How can u think leaving of TU coz of less cmnt, ???? And I LOVE ur writing so much ?????? soo plz don’t do this ???? Now will be waiting 4 ur next update ?????? So plz post next update soon ???
    Love you ???????

    1. Oh Sorry wish karna toh bhul hi gayi ☺ Silly me ??
      ? Many Many Return’s Of The Day..?
      ??** HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ** ??
      Now eat all this yammy dishes and full ur tummy….??????
      OK once again don’t be sad ?? Love you ????

    2. thnx priya dii for ur so…so…especially comments it made my day…anyways i will not leave TU yrr aplog toh meri jaan hoo….love u dii

  20. Awatif_Rahman

    Happy birthday to u ????and this part was awesome

    1. thnx awatif….i m glad u liked it…

  21. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

    1. thnx purnima dear…

  22. SidVee_Yashvee

    Happy birthday to you! May God bless you always and may all your dreams come true 🙂 The shot was amazing as always.. hate alisha to the core.. and hey, who said you are a worst writer.. it’s nothing like that.. everyone here are amazing in their own way and I love your writings and stories.. you write really good and plz don’t leave tu.. would love to see more of your writings.. and dont be disheartened darling.. eagerly waiting for the next part ❤

    1. thnx yashvee ….i understand everyone is best on their own place…love u

  23. SidMin23

    I happy birthday and who said your worst writer in tu no your best writer and I loved it and if possible do kill Alisha in next episode because of her twinj missunderstood and now waiting for next part and once again happy birthday may your wishes get full filed love of love ❤️

    1. finally sidmin u commented thnx a.lot…

  24. Hey adeeba,
    Firstly a very very happy b-day aur kaun apne b-day ke din sad hota…B-day is a special day which comes once in a year yaar…so be happy aur sry ki may cmt nai kar payi…Tei page rarely visit karti hu xm ki waza se…issliye sry.
    Aur kisne kaha ki tu wrost writer hae.Tu wrost writer nai hae…u r a very gud writer yaar…Aur yeh cmt toh unpredictable hae…cmt less pane ka gum mujhe bhi pata hae coz I too am a writer…So cheer up aur yeh last piece ka idea apne dimag se delete kardo…pls a request…
    Cming to the epi it was a blast…awesom…amazing…fab…UV positive character hae…Thank god…loving the plot…Do cont soon.

    Lot’s of luv,

    1. thnx twinj…love u yrr

  25. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey ateeba
    Firstly happy belated B-Day dear… Ateeba u r a very good writer dear but be upset coz of less comments… There must be many silent readers of ur writing… Take me itself I’m a silent reader of u but after reading today shot I broke my silence… This shot is amazing… Glad uv is postive… This b*t*h alisha??? hate her… Hope TwiNj meets soon… Post next soon…

    Love you❤

    1. thnx a lot sidmintwinj….thnx for broking ur silence u

  26. Angel20

    Hey Adeeba,
    Don’t leave tu yaar!! And belated happy birthday? I’m sorry for the late comment as I told you I was busy with my projects!

    Okay so this one was amazing!! Loved it very much. Post the next one soon!! And don’t leave tu!!

    With Love❤

    1. thnx maria for finally commenting yrrr….love u dear so much

  27. Ramya

    Hey adeeba
    Mai kya do din ke liye busy ho gayi tum tho tu chodne ki baat karni rahi ho
    Dis isn’t fair n u know na u r a very gud awesome amazing writer
    So don’t say dis again got it
    Or else I will never comment on ur writing black mail hai soch lo
    N episode was superb waiting fr next part
    N when is ur bday I got to know ur bday is coming dat to frm other frnd dis is not at all fair
    So tu chodne ke baare mai sochna bhi mat
    Loads of love keep smiling

    1. hey ramya firstly thnx a lot…,,and i will not leave tu…aur black mail….hahahaa that’s nice…
      my bday was on 15 January dear….vaise when is ur bday….

  28. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey atteba can u give me link of first shot plzzz

      1. SidMinTwiNj

        Hey dear this link is not working…

    1. acha lemme check..ya now hope this works…

  29. Aanya_pandey

    Ohh.. my god!!! Beech me hi khtm kr diya yrr!!! I ws willing to red more n more .. plz post next part soon

    1. yaa i will post the nxt part…..soon

  30. Baby

    awwwww……..addy baby☺
    y did u got angry……u know
    wen i strtd riting i got only 5 cmnts 6 cmnts………
    ☺☺sooooooo my sweet bacha now wont stop riting look u got sooo many
    love u sooo mch dear loved d episode emotional☺☺

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