Mahishika, a story of a brave girl.. (ch 1)

Hi Friends I am back with chapter 1..

In the Forest, the girl was aiming arrows towards the horse riders.They warn her get out of way but she was still standing there.Two horse riders came down and ask her to move. The girl who was standing like a mountain till now suddenly became the fastest wind and attacks them. The horse riders were surprised because of her so fast movements and before they could do something two horse riders were in the ground. Then the horse riders who were left with draw their swords and attack her. The girl also defend herself and take out a sword. They had a big fight bit at last the girl won and tied them all on two trees. The horse riders were angry. One of them shouts “You don’t know who we are??”
The girl replies “Yes I don’t know and I don’t want to know. I just know that in our country it is not allowed to kill any animal. So you were trying to break the rules and you have to be pay..”
She leaves while the horse riders shouts leave us.

In a big Royal Mansion the queen was getting ready and calls out a name “Chandra..”
A girl comes there running..
The girl(chandra) says, ” Yes Maharani(queen) ”
Queen, “Where is Rajkumari(princess) Mahishika?? ”
Chandra, ” We have no idea Maharani..”
The queen angrily looks at her. She keep her eyes down.

The scarf girl was walking with a big black horse. Suddenly a boy jump from a tree stole her scarf and starts running. The girl gets angry and runs behind him. Her hair looses and fell on her shoulder her eyes have full of anger and her lips shouts, “MOHAN.. Give me back the scarf.. I have to go home..”
The boy(Mohan) replies, “Go home like this..”
The girl, ” Mohan You know I can’t go like this. Don’t do anything.. Give me back the scarf..”
The boy stopped and she snapped the scarf from him..
Her face was bold and beautiful. She is not so fair or no so dark but her face shows her inner kindness and sweetness.
The boy was looking brave and handsome. He smiled at her. She turned her face.
Mohan, ” So What are you doing here this time??”
The girl, ” That’s not your business ”
Mohan, ” Ok then I have to go to the royal palace. I have business there. ”
The girl, ” Are you threatening me??”
Mohan, ” Who has that courage, except me??”
The girl, ” Just shut up and do as I say. There are 6 men. Just go and release them after I leave. ”
Mohan, “You did this again?? ”
The Girl, “I told you who does wrong.. Have to pay.”
Mohan, “Fine. As you wish.”
The girl smiles and leaves.. The boy goes to the Horse riders..

The same big Royal Mansion..
Everyone is running here and there. The Queen come and approached the King.
King, ” What Happened?? ”
Queen, ” Same. Your Daughter is missing. Every time she does the same. I am totally done with this girl. Today is so important day and today also. ”
King, “Its ok she will be here soon..”
The scarf girl arrives at a room of the palace by the window.. A another girl came and hold her..
The scarf girl, “Visakha??? You??? ”
Another girl, “Mahi.. Just get ready fast..”
They both smiled..

Next chapter: A big occasion in Palace.. King amd Queen enter with their daughter..

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