Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 9

I’m really very sorry for late update. actually there was internet problem at my house so I couldn’t write. Once again I’m so sorry.

The episode starts with Azad and Mahira being tensed. They hurriedly close the door and put the keys back.
Azad: now! What new syappa you created? Why is ammi yelling your name?
Mahira: woh…I told her that someone called her for important work.
Azad: and?
Mahira: I was lying. I said that to her so I could check what’s in that secret room.
Azad: mahira! Tum bhi na….
Mahira makes a cute face: I’m sorry.
Azad: now lets go downstair.
Mahira: ok
Khan begum: how dare you Mahira!!! How dare you lie to me.
Khan begum raises her hand to slap her, but Azad holds it mid way.
Khan begum gets shocked.
Azad: ammi. Its not her fault. It was me who called her to send you to office so you would yell at her. I want it to take revenge on her.
Khan begum leaves fuming.
Mahira with tears in her eyes drags Azad to a room and says: why did you lie to khan begum?
Azad: I didn’t want u to get yelled at by her that’s why.
Mahira: why didn’t you want me to get yelled at?
Azad: I have to go.
Mahira stops him and says: nahi azad. Not today. You have to answer me. Why did you saved me from khan begum? Tell me. Why did you saved me when I had became an stone? Why did you gift me that saree which I had liked in mall? You thought I wouldn’t know? I know everything. Why do you feel hurt when amad flirts with me?
Azad: ma…woh…mahira… mein…kya…i..i don’t have time to listen to your nonsense.
He is about to leave but mahira stops him again. Azad gets angry and says: I CARE FOR YOU, WHEN YOU GET HURT, I CAN FEEL IT, IT HURTS ME MORE. I CAN’T SEE YOU IN PAIN BECAUSE I LOV… he realized what he was about to say and stops.
Mahira: finish your sentence. I…what? Tell me.
Azad angrily holds Mahira’s arm and says: sometime, some things are better if left in complete.
Wind starts blowing. Both of them are so close to each other, they could hear each other’s heart beating. Everything stopped around them. They are lost in thoughts so much that they didn’t realize how close they were. tears are flowing down from both of their eyes. Azad can’t control his emotions anymore and says: I love you Mahira! I love you so much ! Mahira happily cries and both of them hug each other passionately. (Omere mere oyara plays).
They break the hug after long time of being in comfort with each other.
Mahira: azad! What secret is it that you are hiding from me? I want to know!
Azad: how did you know that I was hiding a secret?
Mahira: because you are my life. How will I not know about my own life? Please tell me. Whatever it is, I will support you always. You need to let out your pain. I know that your heart is soft and you take all the pain by yourself but now I’m here. Let the pain out and tell me. I love you so much azad.
Azad to himself: if I tell Mahira that I’m not a normal human then she will never love me. Love between human and vampire is impossible.
Azad says: Mahira! You and I can never be together. I guess destiny doesn’t want us to be together in this lifetime, but in next birth and every other birth, I will pray to god to make me with you always. If I tell you the secret I’m hiding then everything will me over.
Azad leaves sadly while Mahira cries…

Pass aaye…
Dooriyan phir bhi kam na hui
Ek adhuri si humari kahani rahi
Aasmaan ko zameen, yeh zaroori nahi
Ja mile… ja mile…
Ishq sachha wohi
Jisko milti nahi manzilein.. Manzilein..

Rang thhe noor tha
Jab kareeb tu tha
Ek jannat sa tha, yeh jahaan
Wagt ki ret pe, kuch mere naam sa
Leikh ke chood gaya tu kaha
Humari adhuri kahani…
Humari adhuri kahani…
Humari adhuri kahani..
Humari adhurik kahani….

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  1. Wow sweet proposal and last scene was very touchy. … loved it yamuna 🙂

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  2. So sad but still happy as they confused their love.

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  5. I liked it but they should be together quicky and it was very good and touchy and sweet and i hope and request that they be together and do the next one very quickly plz

    1. Thank you friend…I will try to upload next episode soon

  6. Very nice n thanks for choosing Arijit’s song…i love him very much….

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