Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 8

Thank you Sunheri, Inu, Ranaji, Fatarjo, Amayra, KA, Kna786 and all the silent readers. If you guys are confused about the ending on the previous episode than I’m really sorry. Actually the portrait in Khan Begum’s room is a random one which drops in front of Mahira, but there is a door for secret room which has pictures of sahil hidden behind the potrait. Hope you guys confusion is cleared. One more thing, I feel like my ff is going little slow and lil boring, so I might end it on episode 15 because I don’t want to drag it.

The episode starts with Mahira hearing someone calling her name from behind. She turns around, and gets shocked seeing Azad there.
Azad: what are you doing in Ammi’s room?
Mahira: woh… Azad! Look, there is a secret room.
Azad is boggled: what? But, Ammi never told me about it.
Mahira: lets open it.
Azad: are you crazy?

Mahira: please. Lets open it. I want to see what’s in there.
Azad: fine, but how are we going to open it? Its locked.
Mahira smiles: I’m Mahira and Mahira has solution to every problems. Let’s look around for the key.
Azad: no. That’s wrong!
Mahira makes a sad face: Azad!
Azad comes closer to her and puts his finger on her lips and says: shhh…Mahira gets shy and turns around and screams seeing cockroach there.
Mahira cries: azad please throw that away. Cockroach! Cockroach! Cockroach!
Azad: I told had you not talk, so I can throw that away, but you scream so loudly. Are you planning to call whole Bhopal’s people here or what?
Mahira: when did you tell me to shutup? Mr. Lier
Azad: aye! How dare you call me lier? Remember I said shh
Mahira remembers and says: ohhh I thought you said shh because…
Azad: what you thought?
Mahira: nothing forget it! Please throw the cockroach away.
Azad: first say sorry
Mahira: haha. How funny? Me? And say sorry? And to you? Mere joke se bhi achha tha.
Azad: I’m not joking.
Mahira: I will never say sorry.
Azad: fine then I’m leaving.

Mhira: no no no!! I’m really sorry. Please throw that cockroach away.
Azad: fine
Mahira quietly says: Khadus!!
Azad: kya kaha?
Mahira: ohh. I was saying you are so nice and intelligent.
Azad turns around and smiles lightly.
Mahira: aray! Where you going? We still have to find the key!
Azad: I’m not going anywhere. I just turned around because…hold on! Why am I wasting my precious time explaining you?
Mahira opens her mouth widely and says: how rude!!!!!!!
Azad: close your mouth or else makki will get in.
Both of them start looking for the key and Azad see’s it, but puts it by Mahira. Mahira finds the key and gets happy.
Mahira: dekha Mr. Khadus! I found the key first. I have better eyes than you.
Azad: azad! Mera naam hai Azad not Mr. Khadus.
Mahira: yea yea whatever. Mr. Khadus suits you better.
Azad: tum…
Mahira: bas! Lets open the door.
As they are about to open the door, They hear khan begum screaming Mahira’s name.
Khan begum: mahira! Where are you? Come downstairs right now.
Mahira and azad both of them gets tensed.


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  1. Nice yaar but don’t end in 15epi pls make it to 50 or 100 and start season-2 yaar???????? pls yaar I loved your ff and you mentioned my name I am soooo happy

    1. Haha Ranaji??? i will try and thank you.

  2. Hey plz don’t end yamuna. … its my request. …. and azhira scene was so sweet and scared about the last scene… 🙂

    1. I wont Sunehri? thank you for supporting me.

  3. Nice epi.waiting for ur next update.

    1. Thanks Inu

  4. Pls don’t end..yaar..

    1. I won’t end it Amayra

  5. Please at least write 50 parts… U r a good writer, nice story, azhira scene was fantastic, thanks for the episode

    1. Thank you Kinza dear….

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