Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 7

Would you guys want Mahira to be in geek look, With glasses on, braces, etc. Or the way she is now? Vote.

Khan begum is drinking wine when suddenly she sees the mark on someone’s back. She is happy and delighted. She slowly goes toward the girl and touches her back. She gets shocked when the girl turns out to be Mahira.
Khan begum: tum
Mahira: mam! Do you need anything?
Khan begum leaves from there in a hurry and goes to the secret room.
Khan begum to herself: finally! The day has come. I found the girl with mark on her back. Now nobody can stop me from being powerful. (Laughs)
Downstairs, Mahira is still confused about why khan begum went in a hurry and decides to check herself.
Mahira bumps into Azad and he holds her in the nick of time. A small eye lock follows (ooo mere oo mere plays). Azad gets back to his sense and she emotionally looks at him leaving.
Mahira reaches khan begum room and is shocked to hear her talking, but doesn’t see where she is.
Mahira: khan begum!! Are you ok? Where are you?
Khan begum gets tensed: Mahira! What are you doing here! Leave
Mahira: but where are you???

Khan begum gets out of the secret room and says: I told you to leave. Just go
Mahira walks away and thinks: there is a secret room in khan begum’s room? I didn’t know that? There is definitely something wrong, but what? I should go and check myself.

Mahira: khan begum. Someone called and they want you to go to office right away.
Khan begum: I’m tired
Mahira: they said it’s really important.
Khan begum: ok fine. Call the driver.
Mahira: ji mam
Amad: khan begum, come! I will drop you
Khan begum: lekin…

Amad: I forget. Why would you go with me? You would only go with Azad bhaijaan. You don’t regard me as your son.
Khan begum: nahi amad. I love both of you equally. Lets go.
After they leave, Mahira hurriedly goes upstairs in khan begum room and starts looking for the secret room. She tries to find it but in vain. Just when she starts leaving being disappointed, she slips and for self defense, she holds on to the painting, therefore making it fall on the floor.
Mahira: finally. I found the secret room.
She hears someone yelling her name from the back. She looks back scaredly. The screen freezes on her shocked face.


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  1. No greeky look. … I want the way she’s now… and by the way in the last part she got hold of a potrait right?? Who’s potrait is that … aahil or sanam? ?? Good episode

  2. Today epi is good.make her as u wish.

  3. i want specs and braces … nice episode

  4. With braces n spcs is good with JOK THA FUNNY NAHI LAGA ZARA SA BHI NAHI CHALO KOI BAT NHI..

  5. I liked this one alot do more scenes of azad and mahira as it will make this better and plz update as much as posssible as i am getting very interested and i like your ff alot its my request

  6. Ranaji(narendran)

    Good epi I love azad and mahira track sooo much????????????????????????????

  7. I m liking ur ff a lot I wished QH showed a happy ending of Mahira and Azad instead of Mahira and Armaan

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