Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 6


The episode starts with Azad hugging Mahira.
Azad says: darling! Lets go home fast na. I have a surprise for you.
Mahira is shocked and doesn’t know how to react.
Azad: kya hua ?
Mahira points her finger toward the guys who teased her earlier.
Azad makes an angry face and says: how dare they tease my beautiful wife? The guys run away.

On the car
Mahira in a low voice: Mr. Khadus! Ap kitne chidte hai.
Azad: I heard you
Mahira: I wanted you to hear.

Azad: chup raho
Mahira: kainat you want to hear a joke? Ok so th…
Before Mahira can finish her line, Azad interrupts and says: “chup raho”. Ohh yea. You can’t because you speak some different language which obviously human don’t understand. Kainat! You should buy a sign language book for me, so I can tell her things. (Laughs) and teasing says: joke tha!
Mahira: haha so funny. Call the ambulance. I’m dying. I can’t stop laughing. Hurry Kainat. Omg. Its so funny. Uff. Mr. Khadus!!!!
Azad suddenly stops the car and gets something out of the car. He opens the back door and puts a big tape on Mahira and says: now you can’t talk. Yayyyyy (funny tune plays). Kainat puts a song on. Agar tum saath ho…

Mahira to herself: how rude! He could have had just told me to not talk. He doesn’t have to put big tape on my face. He is Mr. Khadus, what else can I expect from him!!!
Azad to himself: this girl is so crazy herself, but one day, she will surly make me pagal also.
Finally they reach home. Azad leaves.
Kainat: mahira, can you put makeup on me for my birthday party tonight.
Mahira: is that something to ask? Of course I will.
Azad comes to Kainat and gives her somethings and says: give this to Mahira!
Kainat: what is in it?
Azad: none of your business. Give it to her.

Kainat: whatever bhaijaan. I will later.
Azad: now!!!
Kainat goes to Mahira, but doesn’t see her so puts the gift on the table and leaves. Just then Amad comes and writes down his name on it and leaves. Mahira comes out of the washroom and sees the gift on the table.
Mahira: Amad gave me a gift? I’m going to open it and see what it is.
She opens it and sees the purple saree, which earlier she had liked at the mall and smiles.

At the party
Azad is talking to his friends when suddenly, he sees Mahira coming down the stairs with Kainat. She was wearing the saree which he had gifted her. He is mesmerized to see her beauty. Everything around him just freezes.
He walks toward Mahira and says: you are looking so beautiful!
Mahira: thank you Azad.

Azad: wanna dance?
Mahira smiles and nods yes
They dance romantically on the song “teri meri meri teri prem kahani…”
Then suddenly he hears a waiter asking him if he wants something and realizes that it was his imagination. Mahira walks towards him and he blushes.
Azad: woh..
Mahira walks past him and goes to Amad while smiling.

Mahira: thank you Amad fro the gift. I loved it.
Amad: anytime Mahira. Wanna dance?
Mahira: sure
They dance on salam e ishq.
Azad is heartbroken and goes to his room with teary eyes. Mahira sees him going.

Mahira to herself: azad! I know that you had gifted me this saree, I had seen you buying it at the store and I had seen Amad putting his name on it. I also know that you were the one who saved me when I had turned into stone. I love you azad. And one more thing…I know that you also feel for me. But why won’t you just admit it. I’m sorry for hurting you Azad. Mahira gets teary eyes.


Credit to: Yamuna

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  1. Nice going.waiting for confession.

    1. Thank you Inu

  2. My god last scene was very emotional. .. super episode yamuna :). … eagerly waiting

    1. And by the way in ur ff is Mahira still in Greek avatar. . I mean is she wearing spectacles??

    2. Thank you Sunehri…you will soon find out.

  3. Priya tripathi

    Nice episode

    1. Thank you Priya…

  4. Ranaji(narendran)

    Superb I just loved it

    1. Thank you Narendran…

  5. Oh wow the last scene was so cute and emotional I liked it a lot well done Yamuna

    1. Thanks Fatarajo

  6. Wow yar mahira know azad did it ….

    1. Thwnk you Meghs…

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