Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 5

Episode 4

Azad goes to kb and says: ammi! Will I ever get back to normal person? Why am I like this? How come Amad is normal?
Kb: you are like this because you are my first son. (No Armaan drama)
Azad shocked: what do you mean?
Kb to herself: what did I just say? If he finds out I’m a dayan then he will hate me and I won’t get my powers back without his help.
Azad: ammi. Tell me
Kb says nothing and leaves, while he is boggled. Kainat comes to Azad and ask Azad to take her to shopping.
On the way, Kainat sees Mahira on the road ask ask Azad to stop.
Kainat: mahira! Tum yaha? I mean…what are you doing here? Anyways forget it..come we are going to shopping. Choose a dress for me.
Mahira: no. I have to cook at home
Kainat: we don’t eat at this time so come and sit
Mahira: please don’t insist me. I can’t.
Kainat makes a sad face.
Azad: Mahira! Come and sit right now.
Mahira gets scared and silently sits.

At mall
Mahira looks at a beautiful purple saree and ask the manager for price.
Manager: mam! It’s 2lakhs
Mahira almost faints and leaves from there while the manager makes weird face.
Kainat: mahira I’m done. Lets go home.
While going back after paying bill, some guys teases Mahira and she feels uncomfortable, then suddenly she feels someone hugging her from the back and is shocked to see who it was.

Precap: Azira’s dance. Kainat’s birthday. Khan begum finds something.

Credit to: Yamuna


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