Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 4


The episode starts with Mahira cleaning the dinning table after everyone leaves.
Kb: sanam…get me coffee
Mahira is shocked: khan begum! I’m Mahira not Sanam.
Kb: ohh..I…thought..uhhh.. I’m the boss of this house so I can call anyone by whatever name I want.
Mahira leaves to make coffee
Kb to herself: how can this happen? How can this Mahira and Sanam have same face? There is definitely something. I’ll have to find out.

Khan begum’s room
Kb takes out a big painting from the wall and gets in the secret room. There was a picture of Ahil and Sanam all over the room.
Kb: sanam! 20 years ago, you had took away everything from me. Till this day, I’m still waiting to get back all my powers and for that, I have to find a girl that has a sign/mark (8) on her. Ahil and you ruined my life and had took away my power from me but I won’t accept my defeat that easily. I will get all my powers back and my son Azad will help me. The sacrifice of his child will once again make me powerful. She smirks.

No precap

Credit to: Yamuna

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  1. Ha ha 🙂 khan Begum referred Mahira as sanam lol and fantastic episode yamuna 🙂 …. and in real qubool hai Mahira is the re incarnation of sanam right?? Will she remember about her past life in ur ff??

    1. Thank you Sunehri…you’ll find out soon.

  2. Nice …

    1. Thank you Meghs…

  3. I wonder what will happen next?

    1. Thank you Fatarajo

  4. Nice episode. ..same cruel kb. SaHil photos in the hidden room…wow…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you Roma…

  5. nice epi but i hate kb character pls end here

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