Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 3


I’ve replied to all the comments on the previous episode.
Episode 2

Mahira wakes up and see’s Saira and Bano trying to put oil on the floor so she would fall.
Mahira: saira&Bano. App dono kya kar rahe ho? (What are you guys doing?)
Saira: actually Mahira woh..
Bano: we were cleaning the floor.
Saira: yea yea. Cleaning.
Kainat: Mahira. Thanks for the medicine you gave me. My hand is getting better.
Mahira: no problem Kainat mam. Soon your hand will get completely fine.
Kainat: please. Don’t add ji at the end. It feels like I’m old.
Mahira: but I’m servant in your house.
Kainat: how dare you say that? You are my best friend, so call me Kainat.
Mahira: lekin…
Kainat: Mahira!!!
Kainat: alright. I will call you Kainat. Happy?
Amad: oh ho. What are you guys talking about?
Kainat: nothing. By the way, where is Azad bhai jaan? I need to talk to him.
Amad: kainat tum bhi na. You know that Me and Azad are like Water and Fire, then why are you asking me about him?
Kainat feels sad.
Amad: fine. I will tell him that you need to talk. I’m doing it, Just for you.
Kainat hugs him: thank you Bhai.

Azad’s room
Amad: hulk. Kainat is looking for you.
Azad: how many times have I told you to not call me by hulk? And these days you are being too friendly with Mahira.
Amad: bhai jaan…I know that you feel for Mahira, but I will never let you and her be together.
Azad: AMAD! Don’t ruin her life.
Amad: it doesn’t suit you to say that. Remember how you snatched my Afreen from me???!!! I will ruin your happiness just like you ruined mine.
Azad: I didn’t do anything. It wasn’t my fault. Afreen was never yours. It was you who thought the wrong way. She just want it to trap you nothing else. That was 2 years ago why don’t you just forget it.
Amad: how dare you say ill things about my Afreen? She can never be wrong! Just wait and watch. I will trap Mahira in my love.
Azad angrily holds his collar and shouts: Amad!!! Amad also holds Azad’s collar and says: Mr. Hulk, I also know how to get angry. Khan begum passes by and is shocked to see both of her sons like that.
Khan begum: Azad and Amad leave each other.
Azad: ammi ap yaha?
Kb: I was passing by and saw both of you like this. What is this huh? And Amad! How dare you yell at your brother? He is older than you, don’t you know how to respect elders?! Say sorry!
Amad: yea khan begum! You always blame me for everything, you never see any fault in your so called son. You never gave me the love I wanted since childhood. Abbu loved me so much, but after his death I feel all alone. You never cared for me, so stop showing your fake concern for me now.
Azad: AZAD! How dare you talk to ammi like this?
Kb: Azad beta! Please stop it.
Amad angrily leaves from there.

Breakfast table
Kainat: Azad bhaijaan…can I drink your coffee?
Azad: nahi. Who mera hai. Get another one.
Amad: yes Bhai. Afreen bhi meri thi.
Azad: stop it Amad.
Mahira to herself: who is Afreen?
Kainat takes the coffee forcefully and Azad shouts at her to give it back and snatches from her.
Amad taunts: Kainat. Actually, bhai doesn’t know how to give. All he can do is snatch.
Azad: no. I took the coffee back because I had peanut in it and you know that Kainat is allergic to it.
Saying this he angrily goes upstairs.
Mahira to herself: interesting! Ek taraf hai yeh Amad, Who every girls wants to be with and ek Taraf hai yeh Mr. Khadus, jo itne chidte hai. Lekin phir bhi why do I feel for him? Whenever he is there, why does everything around me freezes? Why does my heartbeat stops?


Credit to: Yamuna

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    1. Thank you Shanaz

  1. Superb. I’m feeling like it is original qh. I’m happy that kb husband is not there in ur ff. Thanks for making him dead. And plz don’t bring him back. Ur ff is so good. Love it a lot.
    I hope this could have happened in real qh. They did not do good by separating azhira. Armahi don’t look good at all. They should not have sepa rate azhira.
    Thanks for writing a ff on azhira. I’m enjoying it a lot. Keep it up dear.

    1. Thanku Sahima and don’t worry. I won’t bring kb’s husband back alive.

  2. Wow last scene was fab… hey yamuna if you are writing some terms in hindi. … plz translate it. … I know hindi so I’m able to understand. … I don’t know about other they might not understand. … Sry if I have hurt u…. Otherwise u r fantastic 🙂

    1. Thank you Sunheri and sure

  3. Interesting.Waiting for more epi’s and good work yamuna.

    1. Thanku Inu

  4. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you Roma

  5. Thanks for accepting my it looks interesting….n yeah plz don’t forget Amad’s word “BREVO HULK BREVO”. 🙂 ha ha ha….

    1. Thanku Ahira

  6. Nice … Mahira feels for azad

    1. Thank you Meghs

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