Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 27


Hello everyone!!! I saw in the news that Sushant and Ankita broke up…that’s really heart breaking for me because they were my idle couple! I hope everything between them gets fine and lets all of us pray that they get back together soon! One more thing, I’m not a huge fan following of Mahira and Azad…whenever I write romantic scenes or sad scenes I always imagined it as Sushant and Ankita in the place of Azad and Mahira… This might be the last episode of my ff because I won’t write it again until Sushant and Ankita get back together, if they don’t then this is the last episode…

The scene begins with Azad going in front of god and says: I never believed in you allah but Mahira said you exist…today in front of you, I promise that I will find out the truth of Khan Begum and if Myra is my Mahira within a week…
Just then he sees Khan Begum going to her room and goes behind her sneakingly… Khan Begum opens the secret room and in front of Sanam and Ahil’s portrait says: So what happens if you two made my life hell and Sanam took away all my powers…you two are dead anyways… Sanam! You had took away Ahil from me and the effect was that I had to kill him and it’s good that you, yourself kill yourself. The worst mistake you did was by taking away my powers from me… today I’m a huge successor and soon I will get my powers if I killed him off. (Laughs loudly…..)

Azad stumbles and cries…he remembers what khan begum said and thinks: I love ammi so much! I never knew that she had killed 2 innocent people for her selfishness!!! She said she will also kill “him”! Who is she going to kill next?
Suddenly his head starts paining really bad and he goes to his room. He puts his hand on his head and screams in pain…suddenly he remembers his past life with sanam!
** Ahil and Sanam are fighting in dhaba when they first met and Sanam sees Ahil romancing someone else in front of her behind the bushes***
** Ahil sees Sanam in his front mirror and Sanam’s dupatta flies and falls on his face**
**sanam comes to Ahil’s house as a servant**
** their marriage and their hatred for each other**
** Sanam gets Kidnapped and Seher comes in place of her.**
** Ahil brings Sanam home and makes her servant again**
** two sisters patch up and rehaan and Seher’s love story blossoms.
**Tanveer by mistake kills Rehaan while aiming at Aahil**
** Tanveer kidnaps everyone and Ahil finds out her truth**
*Zoya’s soul comes and kills off Billo Rani (Tanveer) **
** new sanam attempts many tricks to separate them and finally succeed **
**sanam loses her memory and thinks Shaad as her husband**
** Shaad’s look alike pushes Sanam down the hill along with Ahil** (humari adhuri Kahani plays…)
Azad remembers Ahil’s and Sanam’s romantic moments… ( junoon tere ishq ka plays…)
Azad finally lets a scream out saying SANAM!!!!!!

Myra is roaming here and there when Kritika comes and ask: what happen Mahira? Are you alright?
Mahira: yes! I don’t know how long will I even have to stay away from Azad…
Kritika: don’t worry Mahira…very soon, you guys will be together…
She suddenly hears a voice from back saying: Sanam…as she turns around, she was shocked to see Azad standing there…
Azad rushes to her and says Sanam! I love you…
Mahira hugs him back and says: Sanam nahi, Mahira…
Azad breaks the hug and ask: you know our past life?
Mahira: yes Azad I know…I love you!
Azad smiles: I love you more(omere oyara plays…)
Mahira: In past life Ahil and Sanam had got separated but in this life or any other coming birth, Mahira and Azad will not get separated, no matter how much hurdles come in the way!
Azad: why did you became Myra from Mahira?
Mahira: I don’t know if you would believe me or not, but Khan Begum wants to kill you so she would get her powers back…
Azad cries and says: I believe you Mahira…for her, nothing is more than power…she even killed Ahil and Sanam using her so called power! But she will never be able to kill us as we are two hearts one soul.
Mahira nods yes.
Azad: I feel ashamed to be born from such a women…I hate her so much! Why allah made her my ammi?????!
Mahira cries and says: we will solve all the problems together… I’m always with you in thick and thin!
Kritika happily watches them along with Amad.
Amad: now they patch up… what about us? Lets get married now itself
Kritika: itni jaldi… now I won’t marry you.
Amad gives a shocked expression and says: kya? This is cheating
Kritika: shut up
Azad: both of you shut up…bakwas band karo!
Kritika gets shocked and scared
Mahira: what happen Kritika? Did you felt bad of Azad’s word?
Kritika: nahi…woh…behind…
As Mahira turns around, she gets horrified seeing Khan Begum standing there.
Kb in shock: what? You two are reincarnation of Ahil and Sanam?
Mahira: yes! I had told you that you will never be able to separate us…see us now! Even now we are together!
Kb laughs and says: even in this birth, you two won’t be able to get together…
Kb calls the witch leader…the wl (witch leader comes)
Wl: why did you call me here?
Khan begum: give me powers for 30 minutes
Wl: you know what would happen after that right?
Kb: yes I know! I need to destroy them first so I can get my powers forever…
The witch leader gives kb powers and disappeared.
Kb with her power pushes Mahira on the floor and ties Amad and Kritika…
Azad: what kind of mom are you? Trying to kill their own son!!!
Kb: nothing is important for me more than my powers and for your kind information, you are not my son!!! I had found you in the street, there itself, I was going to kill you, but then the witch leader told me that you are a special kid and you could get me my powers back. if I had knew that you were Ahil then I would have had killed you then itself…
Azad cries and bends down on his feet… kb starts torturing him with her powers while Mahira screams: please let him go… I’ll do anything you say. I can’t live without him
Kb: who said you will live? I will kill you after him!
Mahira: no. If you want to kill me then kill me now but please leave Azad! I can’t see him like this!!
Kb keeps on torturing him, but after awhile, her magic stops working as she sees that Azad is praying and saying allah’s name. Kb winches in pain… Azad goes and opens Kritika’s and Amad’s rope while Mahira starts saying Allah’s name… After a while kb overpowers them and starts hitting Azad again… she gets a knife out and is about to stab Azad when mahira from behind comes and stabs kb with a big trishul…. Kb disappears.
Azad hugs Mahira and cries ( tujhe bhula diya plays…)


This was the ending of my story and before you guys ask me, I will answer it! And the answer is no! I won’t continue it…I know that you guys may say that I will miss this show and etc. But please don’t say that because everything has to come to an end one day. Im sorry if I ever disappoint you… thank you to all the silent readers and the ones who comment on my ff regularly… big big big thanks to Sunehri, Kiera and, Priya for reading my ff and commenting always…

Credit to: Yamuna

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

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  3. Wow finally azaad and Mahira remembered their past aahil and sanam flashbacks. … will miss re …. 🙁 … I luved the episode

  4. superb ending n i hope u will come back with a new ff……

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    Really awsm ending re…. i will miss this ff a lott?

  6. zuha (Asya Fan)

    Good ending , dear !

  7. Wow.. yaar I never comment on your ff it;s good to read i love sushtant and Ankita too….. they cute couple…. yaar…

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