Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 26


The scene begins with Mahira and Azad being surrounded by goons.
1p: where did you got so much strength from that you dared to honk at me while in driving my car.
Azad: you are not a FBI nor president. I honked because you were over speeding.
2p comes from behind and hits on Azad’s head with a big rod, while 1p takes out a big knife from his pocket and stabs him.
Mahira gets shocked and screams: AZAD!!!!… she looked around, it was all dark.
Mahira to herself: thank god it was just a dream.
Kritika comes running and says: what happen Mahira? Are you ok??
Mahira: yes. I had a bad dream but…
Kritika: but what?
Mahira: the dream was romantic in the beginning (blushes)
Kritika: (coughs) amazing! Now you even started romancing with Azad in your dreams. How s*xy!
Mahira: shut the way, do you like Amad?
Kritika: uhhh…no! Who said I like him?

Mahira: I have eyes! And I have ears! I saw and heard you guys conversation yesterday at Khan Begum’s house. Don’t try to make me fool.
Kritika blushes.
Mahira: stop blushing.
Kritika: even you were blushing sometimes ago..
Mahira laughs: I’m so happy that you like Amad. After everything gets fine, you will get married to my deverji!!
Kritika: if that’s the case, then I should get the habit of calling you bhabi…
Mahira softly hits on her head and they hug.

Mahira comes to sid and says: bhai! I want to see Azad.
Sid: why don’t you tell Mr and Mrs Khurana that.
Mahira: areyy! They are out parents. Why you calling them mr and mrs khurana. And I won’t tell them because it’s awkward. You know what I mean?
Sid: why you so desperate to meet Sid? Actually, I know how it feels. I had stayed away from Roshni for 6 months once.
Mahira smiles.

Khan Begum’s resident
Kb: Khurana’s are coming
Azad: aur woh?
Kb: woh koun?

Azad: wohi…Myra
Kb smirks and thinks: since Myra and Mahira look so much alike…I feel that soon, Azad will fall for her. I hope he does because it will be a huge advantage for me in business is Azad marries Myra.
Door bell rings
Kb is about to go when Amad stops her and says: don’t worry, I will open it…
As he opens the door, he sees Kritika standing at the door along with Mrs. Khurana and Myra. He keeps on staring Kritika…while everyone else look on. Myra snaps her finger in front of his face and says: hello Mr. Will you not let us in?
Amad gives her a angry look and thinks: I wish she was Mahira..she would have had not said this!

As everyone are chatting, Myra gets message from Sid saying: now start doing what I had told you to.
Myra: so Khan Begum, I heard Azad had a wife who looked like me! How did she died?
Kb: she fell of from cliff

Myra: alright…you had once said that you hate poor people in the press conference, so how did you accept Mahira so easily? Not only that, but I heard that you also tried many things to get them married and finally succeed.
Kb: wait a did you know Mahira was poor?
Mahira: ummm… I’m Myra and Myra knows everything nd there is no problem in this world which Mahi…Myra can’t solve!
Hearing Myra’s word, Azad reminisces Mahira’s word when she used to say “ I’m Mahira and Mahira has a solution to every problems”
Kb: is this the way you talk with elders?
Myra: what did I do? I’m just asking you a question!
Azad interferes and says: MYRA! How dare you talk to my ammi like this? I’m leaving you this time, but from now on…
Kb stops him midway and says: leave it Azad…its between us.

Azad gets shocked and says: khan Begum! I hate you (cries) …puts his hand on this mouth and rushed to his room…
Mahira: I’m sorry Azad! I know what pain you would be feeling… I wish I could tell you that I’m Mahira and not Myra! I love you Azad…Mahira is always in complete without you (humari adhuri kahani plays…)

Azad’s room
Azad is sitting on his bed when Kb’s and Myra’s conversation flashes in his mind. He suddenly thinks: Myra was right. Khan Begum hated poor people so much! She couldn’t even tolerate poors! How did she had no problem with me getting married to Mahira???? He remembers the time when he and Mahira had seen Sanam’s and Ahil’s portrait in kb’s room.

Precap: Azad in front of god promises that he will find out the truth within a week.

Credit to: Yamunal

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  1. nice epi n update regularly…..

  2. Woah… last scene was fab re… super episode yamuna 🙂

  3. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Superb yamuna pls unite them soon…

  4. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Woww yamunaa superbb..u cleared my doubt!!? i hope azad comes 2 noe of his ammi’s truth fastt..keep it up yamuna??
    N can v be frndzz???

  5. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Good going dear , Yamuna!! Love ur writing.☺

  6. priya tripathi

    Amazing yamuna

  7. really nice

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Are u the author sir?? Why u stopped from updating serials??

  8. Yamuna i must say u r fabulous writer bt 1 thing i mst admit that ur r dragging d storyline i felt it bcoz u dont write on regular basis nd Lso episodes r also so small
    Plz think on it
    Sorry if i had hurt u

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