Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 25


It was once said that true love happens only once but I disagree with that because every time I see you, I fall in love, all over again
Azad: wow Mahira. You have became so filmy these days. Teach me some dialogue also.
Mahira: shut up Azad! This is not film nor am I saying any dialogue. I love you genuinely.
Azad caresses Mahira’s hair and kisses on her forehead and says: I know Mahira that you love me. (O mere oyara plays…)
Azad: Lets play football.
Mahira: huh? What’s football.
Azad winks at her.
Mahira pushes Azad: chee app bhi na
Azad grips her around his arm and says: whats so ewww if I say that? We are husband and wife!
Mahira shyingly looks down
Azad cups her face and leans in to kiss her. Mahira pushes Azad and tries to go but Azad puts both his hand on the wall in such position that Mahira can’t escape. He pins her to wall and says: what were you doing? Give me a kiss (haan hasi ban gaye plays…)
Mahira: azad…
Azad: mahira…
Mahira: I’m shy
Azad: please
Mahira: close your eyes.
Azad: but why…
Mahira: if you want me to kiss you then do as I say!!!
As Mahira says, Azad closes his eyes..Mahira puts her hand on his face and goes close to him. She gently gives a kiss on his cheeks ( ye fitoor mera plays….)
Azad smiles and opens his eyes: arrey wah…this is cheating!
Mahira: no its not. You told me to give you a kiss but you never said where.
Azad: haha so funny. I forget to laugh.
Mahira laughs.
Azad holds Mahira’s hand and goes near her again. They share an eyelock.
Azad: now it’s my turn to kiss.
Mahira: smiles and looks down
Azad leans in to kiss and picks her up while Mahira puts her hands around his arms. He lays her on the bed (tum hi ho plays in the bg….)
Lights off

The next morning
Amad: azad bhaijaan…a new restaurant has opened. You and Mahira bhabi should go there.
Azad smiles
Amad: say thank you!
Azad: thank you
Mahira smiles seeing this from far away.

In room
As Mahira comes out from washroom, she sees a gift on the table and it was written: wear this! Mahira smiles and goes to change.
As Mahira comes down the stairs, Azad gets mesmerized seeing her. Mahira was wearing beautiful black salwar kameez with big earrings along with red high heels. They share an cute eye lock…( tum itni khoobsurat hai plays…)Amad notices and teasingly says: bhai! Do you want me to call an ambulance? Because I think you are about to faint seeing Bhabi (laughs)
Azad: shut up.
Mahira comes down and gives her hand to Azad’s hand.

As they are driving, some guys over speed their car and comes in front of Azad and Mahira’s car. Azad gets furious and beeps the car. The guys park their car in front of Azad’s car.
Azad: mahira! don’t get out from here. I will handle them.
Mahira holds his hand and says: please! I’m scared! Don’t leave me. I will come with you.
Azad gets out from the car along with Mahira. Azad walks toward the guys while Mahira follows him. Soon Mahira and Azad were surrounded by many goons.

Precap: Azad fights with the bad guys. Myra gets shocked


Sorry for spelling mistakes as i wrote in a hurry and sorry for not replying to comments on previous episode, but i promise that i will reply to all in this episode. One more sorry! I’m really really sorry for late update, to be honest, i was too lazy. I’m really sorry. Forgive me.

Credit to: Yamuna

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  1. Wow marvellous re…

    1. Thank you Sunehri??

    1. Thanks a lot sweety ?

  2. priya tripathi

    I m confused yamuna i don’t understand that mahira act as she is myra now Azad mahira r toghether

    1. i don’t even understand plzz yamuna how come they both r together…they were seperated ryt….and mahira had become myra

      1. Soon, i will clear your confusion. Probably in the next episode 🙂

    2. You will soon find out Priya…keep reading

  3. Awesome episode Yamuna I really like ur ff a lot just that sometimes I don’t comment as I m too lazy

    1. Haha thanks Fatarajo and i know how it feels. High five✋✋ cuz I’m also very lazy

  4. Sanjana ( sanju)

    Nice episode yaar.. a small doubt..but mahira wuz myra rite..??

    1. Yes are right!

  5. awesome

    1. Thank you Kriya….

  6. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Yamuna I started reading ur FF and liked it , interesting yaar, BTW am not a fan of Mahira and Azad but like ur writing skills , good going dear.Well , I also write a FF for Asya under Qubool hai it is named as Asya and Huyaan a delicate relation , hope u read it!
    Well , can we be friends??

    1. Thank you for reading my ff Zuha… I have seen your ff under Qubool hai, but i was too lazy to open it but i will surely read it now…anyways, ofc we can be friends ?

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