Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 24


The episode begins with Mahira thinking: how many identities do I even have? I wish I could talked to Azad as Mahira, but that would be an problem and if I talked to him as Myra then he wouldn’t even listen to me. I guess I will be Mahira, Myra and Misha at the same time. I’m doing all this, just for you Azad. Just for you….

Its morning
Khurana’s families come to Khan Begum’s mansion. Amad comes and freezes seeing Kritika, he falls for her at the moment. He couldn’t get his eyes off from her, while Kritika smiles giving a response that there can be something between them in the future.
Amad: so miss. What’s your name?
Kritika smiles and politely says: kritika
Amad thinks: this girl gets shy so easily but that’s what makes her even more pretty.
Kritika: you said something?
Amad: nope…anyways what’s your favorite place? I mean where would you like to travel?
Kritika: I really want to go to Switzerland…but why are you asking me?
Amad teasing says: well, when we get married, we will need an place so we can go to our honeymoon.
Kritika: badmas

Mahira is going up the stairs
Azad yells: where are you going Miss. Myra??
Mahira: none of your business
Azad: well this is my house so I have to check where everyone are and who would trust a girl like you?
Mahira: wow! What an cheap thinking!! So you would follow me so I don’t…oh my gosh!
Azad: yes I will and you can’t stop me..
Mahira goes up the stairs while Azad follows her. As she turns, she was shocked to see azad roaming around her.
Mahira: stop following me
Azad: this is my house! I give orders not you!
Mahira: how cheap!
Azad: is that the only thing you know to say?
Mahira ignores him and keeps on walking and Azad goes behind her.
Mahira angrily turns and yells: I’m going to washroom.. Would you come to the washroom with me ?
Azad turns pale and has nothing to say.
Mahira: that’s what I thought.
Azad leaves saying: batameez ladki…

Khan Begum in her room is doing black magic closing her eyes so that Azad would get affected by it and it would be easier for her to kill him off. Mahira comes and puts Lord’s idol in front of her and goes before she could see her…as khan Begum opens her eyes, she screams in pain and thinks: who came in my room and dared to put idol in front of me? Who knows my secret? Now, where did this new enemy born from?

Credit to: Yamuna

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  1. Wow … Now my confusion is cleared 🙂 … Plz unite azira plz plz plz

  2. Priya tripathi

    Nibe episode

  3. Nice episode
    Love it

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    iam new fan of ur ff….
    i try to give regular comments….

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  6. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Pls unite azad and mahira soon and I love last part where KB screams it is sooo funny

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