Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 23

The scene begins by Azad looking at the moon at night. Suddenly, he sees broken stars…

**Mahira: please Azad come and see.
Azad: Mahira please stop it. I don’t believe in all these stuff.
Mahira: shhh! If I said come with me then come. If we ask for wish when broken stars are there, then it will come true. Let’s ask for a wish together.
Azad: its all nonsense. If wishes come true then there wouldn’t be any problems in this world. There wouldn’t be all those people living in the streets starving, there wouldn’t be anyone who is not happy, and everyone would be living happily with no hatreds.
Mahira: common Azad! Don’t give me lectures. I just wanted to wish for something with you.
Azad: what were you going to wish for?
Mahira: something…
Azad: ohh I know. You would probably wished that we have 1000 babies after we get married, but your wish won’t come true, because I cant do a….
Mahira stops him midway and says: cheee! Kitne gande hai ap. (Blushes)
Azad comes toward Mahira and sarcastically says: tumhe sharmana bhi ata hai? (You know how to blush also!)
Mahira lower her eyes and smiles, while Azad leans toward her to kiss. (Aaj phir tumpse plays in the background…) They were so close to each other that there was only 1 inch space between there lips and he had grabbed her so tight that even air couldn’t pass between them. As he gets on to kiss her, Mahira puts her hand in between and says: “after marriage”.
Azad makes a pale face: say what now?
Mahira: yes! Only after marriage.
Azad: I can’t wait for that long…
Mahira: well, that’s your problem…
Azad: If that’s the thing then let’s get married today.
Mahira opens her mouth wide and says: kya??…ap pagal hai. (What? you are crazy)
Azad: tumhare pyar mein…(crazy in your love)
Mahira blushes.
Azad turns the other way freeing Mahira and says: stop blushing now. I’m still mad about the kiss.
Mahira hurriedly comes near him and gives him a kiss on his cheeks.
Mahira whispers: I love you and runs away.
Azad smiles: Mahira wait….***

He suddenly opened his eyes and his smile faded away, there was no one in the room except the silence. Tears started flowing down from his eyes remembering his beloved Mahira. He picks up Mahira’s picture and thinks: I was alone all my life, then you came and made my life so colorful and enjoyable that I had forget all my sorrows. If you were going to leave me midway, then why did you came in my life? There isn’t any second which have gone by when I haven’t missed you. I have nothing now. The only thing I’m living still is with the hope that you will come back to me one day. I know that you will come back. You will have to! You will have to come back to me, even if destiny doesn’t want us to be together then I will fight with the destiny. All I have now is the memories which are so precious…
Azad goes near the window and looks at the broken star: I never believed in all these, but if wishes really comes true then please bring back my mahira…please…please bring back my life…he bends down on his knees and cries miserably.

Khurana’s resident
Mahira is also looking at the broken stars and thinks: soon you and I will be together Azad. I’m really sorry to act like this with you. We will be one someday.
Mahira picks her phone up and dials on Azad’s number.
Azad: hello
Mahira: ji…hi
Azad: who are you?
Mahira: I’m human
Azad: ohh really? I thought you were alien.
Mahira: rude!!! By the way, my name is Misha and yours?
Azad: if you didn’t know me then why did you called?
Mahira: it was an accident.
Azad: ok bye…
Mahira: no!!!! Wait wait wait.. Mr. khadus…please we can get to know each other…
Azad freezes and says: what did you say?
Mahira: I said we can get to know each other and be friends.
Azad: no. Before that…
Mahira: I said wait..
Azad: and after that??
Mahira: after that..ummm…oh yea! I called you Mr. Khadus.
Azad smiles: you know what? There was this girl who I loved so much and she also called me khadus.
Mahira: loved? You don’t love her anymore?
Azad: how would an incomplete puzzle look like? That’s what I would look like without her. She is part of me and she completes me.
Mahira: you really love her that much?
Azad: who doesn’t love their life?
Mahira smiles: but don’t you think its attraction? How can you assume it to be love?
Azad: The way the sky is if without stars,
Same is my condition.
Moments do not pass,
Eyes do not blink,
This is love.
Mahira: you are cheesy
Azad smiles: anyways, my name is Azad.
Mahira: nice to meet you. Where do you live?
Azad: house!!
Mahira: really? I thought you live in jungle!
Azad: Hahaha I was just joking, but I’m not going to tell you where I live.
Mahira: fine.!
Azad: anyways, I’m going to sleep now. Goodnight Misha…
Mahira: goodnight.
Mahira lays down on her bed and thinks: I talked with Azad after so long, words cannot describe how happy I’m. While on the other hand, Azad thinks: for some reason, I feel some connection with this girl Misha. Why does she reminds me of Mahira?

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  1. Wow interesting I wonder what will happen next

    1. Thsnk you Fatarajo…

  2. Finally my bestie updated. .. wonderful episode Yamuna and I have 1 confusion. .. in last epi mahira refered herself as Myra .. then how did she become misha? ?

    1. Thank you Sunehri…your confusion will be clear in next episode 🙂 keep reading

  3. Priya tripathi

    Nice episode n where were u r ? U udating after long time

    1. Thanks a lot Priya and sorry for updating after long time…i was busy and depressed

  4. Great episode i really miss u

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  5. Yamunaaaaaaaa u rocked pinned yaaar .
    Well my 1st ff has many names so difficult fr me to tell I write 3ffs now
    1 I’m backkkkkk Mr
    2 How can be a person like try it u vil lv them I’m sure cz I 2 lv them
    And ur scenes incredible dear go a head

    1. Thank you Kiera…i missed you?

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