Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 22

New characters.
Sidharth Khurana played by Ravi Dubey: son of Simran and Raj Khurana
Roshni Khurana played by Nia Sharma: wife of Sidharth Khurana.
Kritika Khurana played by Mughda Chapekar: sister of Sidharth (sid).

The scene begins with Myra, Simran and Raj coming into Khurana resistance. Myra runs in the kitchen.
Sid: dad, what happen? Why was she crying?
Raj: look Sid. She is really sad after what happen today.
Roshni: she went in the kitchen running? Lets go and see.
All of them run into kitchen and was shocked to see Myra burning her hand in the oven.
Sid stops Myra and says: what are you doing? Are you crazy???
Myra cries: no! Let me burn my hand!
Simran hugs Myra and ask: why are you doing this beta!
Roshni: don’t lose hope. You regard me as Bhabhi and sid as Bhaiya right? Then please listen to us! We all love you very much.
Myra yells: no. It’s my mistake. I should burn my hands because today, I slapped Azad. I could see his love for me in his eyes. How can I slap my Azad!!!! I need to be punished. He loves me so much!
A voice comes from behind: Mahira! As Myra turns around, it was Kritika there.
Kritika: Mahira, please don’t do this! Everything will be alright one day.
Myra/Mahira: no! Nothing will be fine. Why did I not died the day when I fell down from the cliff!!! I don’t want to live life like this. I want Azad!
Kritika: Azad Jiju is so lucky to have a girl like you in his life. After all you are doing all this for him.

*khurana’s family were rafting at city park when they see a girl’s body by the rock in the river. Sid jumps of the boat and brings out Mahira from the river. Sid tries to wake Mahira up but in vain. As Mahira gets conscious, she was shocked to see Khurana’s family standing in front of her and realizes that she is in hospital. Mahira immediately gets out from the bed.
Kritika: where are you going? You need to take rest.
Mahira: I need to go. Today is mine and Azad’s marriage. I need to be there. I need to go! Please take me there.
Kritika: Please calm down!
As Mahira turns other way around she was shocked to see that the date was February 29th.
Mahira: what! How can this be possible? It was January 26th. I think the calendar is wrong. Please ask the nurse to change it.
Sid sits beside her and says: please stop! Calm down! We found you unconscious in river and you were in coma for past one month.
Mahira gets horrified and says: how would my Azad be living without me? I need to go to him. I don’t know how he is. I want to see him.
Sid tries to say something but before he could, Mahira says: please take me to Azad.

After 2 hours.
Sid and Mahira reach Khan Begum’s residence. She is about to go inside when she hears Khan begum talking to someone. She hurriedly hides behind the tree and listens.
The witches leader: since Mahira is dead now! You can’t get your powers back.
Khan begum pleads: please! Is there any other way?
Witch: yes! There is one way.
Khan begum: what is it?
Witch: you have to sacrifice your son Azad.
Khan begum gets shocked and says: how can I harm my own son?
Witch: that’s the only way you can your powers!
Khan Begum: if that’s the thing. Then…then of course, I will choose my powers over Azad. I’m ready to sacrifice my son!
Witch: okay! You have to kill him on full moon which is after 6 month.
The witch leaves and as Khan Begum starts leaving, a picture of Sanam from her purse falls down. Khan begum picks it up and says: Sanam! You had taken away my powers from me with your life 20 years ago, but now! Look! I will get my powers back and I can even sacrifice my son if I have to. She goes inside her house smirking while Mahira was shocked to see all this hiding behind the tree. Sid puts his hand on Mahira’s shoulder and she turns around, Sid was shocked to her sweating and fainting. Sid immediately puts her in his car and takes her to his house.

Khurana’s house
Mahira was still unconscious on the bed when she suddenly remembers about her past life about how Khan Begum had killed Ahil and Sanam and then she remembers Khan Begum’s conversation with the witch. Mahira yells: AZAD!
Sid: are you ok? What’s your name?
Mahira: my name is Mahira!
Roshni: I noticed that you have said Azad almost thousand times now. Who is he?
Mahira narrates everything to them from the time she met Azad and about Khan Begum’s evil intentions to kill her own son and about her last birth.
Sid: so what are you going to do now?
Mahira: I’m gonna go to Azad and tell him the truth!
Sid: are you crazy? You think you will tell him and he will believe you?
Mahira: of course he will believe me. He loves me so much, more than anyone.
Sid: look Mahira! You are like my sister to me. I agree that he loves you but I guarantee you that he won’t believe you when you tell him about his own mom planning to kill him.
Mahira: then what should I do? Please tell me.
Sid: first of all, take these glasses off! And from today, your name is Myra! We will have to make a superb plan to expose Khan Begum in front of Azad.**
Flashback ends

Present time
Mahira hugs Sid and says: thank you bhaiya for supporting me.
Kritika: you forget to hug me?
Mr and Mrs. Khurana: how about us?
Roshni: you guys forget me! Who will hug me?
They all hug each other and share a light moment.

I think today’s episode was boring as most of it was flashback and i don’t know if you guys like it or not as there was no Mahira’s and Azad’s scene. I’m sorry for no Azhira’s scene in today’s episode.

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