Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 21

After 3 month (leap)

A guy is sitting on a moving chair holding a photo on his hand with tears in his eyes. He is there, but his heart is somewhere else and it’s none other than our Azad. The memories of Mahira are flashing through his mind.

Azad to himself: why did you leave me Mahira ? You know that I can’t live without you. I sure may be alive physically, but I’m dying inside every single day. I wish it was just a bad dream and it would end when I wake up. You taught me that world is not that bad as I thought. You always used to pray to Allah right? Then what happen now? What did your god give you? Only sorrows. It was our wedding day for god sake. The day you fell down from the cliff…everything had ended for me. Allah! If you are real then please bring back my Mahira to me…I don’t know why I’m still living this life with full of sorrows…..
He hears a voice from behind: You are still living because you have much time ahead and still have much to experience in life.
Azad: please Khan Begum. Leave me alone.
Khan Begum: what happen to you Azad? You used to call me Ammi right? What happen to your love for me? What wrong did I do???
Azad yells: you are not my ammi. You did everything wrong. If you hadn’t take Mahira from here on our wedding day then that incident would of had not occurred.
Khan Begum: how many times do you want me to say sorry? I’m tired of it…please forgive me, I agree that it was my little mistake to drag Mahira from here. I’m sorry. I didn’t knew that those goons would attack on us and we would lose our Mahira…
Azad: will your sorry bring back my Mahira? TELL ME!!! WILL IT??? It may be little mistake for you, but for me its…forget it. Why am I even explaining you? The only thing I know is that because of you, I lost my Mahira. I lost my life…I lost my everything…
Amad comes: khan begum! The Khurana families called and they said that they are coming here to finalized the deal.
Khan begum (happy): oh my gosh! It was my dream to sign a deal with Khurana empires.
Amad: azad bhaijaan…lets go downstairs!
Azad: no Amad. I’m fine here.
Amad: please
Azad: I said no!
Amad makes a cute face and says: not even for me..?
*Azad remembers the time when Mahira used to make cute faces to please him.*
Azad: fine.
The trio left the room.

They all hear a car stop.
Amad: I think Khurana’s came.
Khan Begum: yes! I’m so happy to sign a deal with them.
Mr. and Mrs. Khurana comes and greet Khan Begum.
Khan begum: please sit down.
Mr. Khurana introduces himself as Raj Khurana and his wife as Simran Khurana.
Raj: simmi. Where did our daughter went? She said she will come after parking the car..
Simran: I don’t know Mr. K! she might be coming.
Just then a girl enters the house wearing high heals and knee-length purple dress. Her hair was straight down to her elbow and was wearing big purple kindish earrings. Everyone was shocked seeing the girl. She looked exactly like Mahira but had no braces and glasses.
Azad runs up to her and gives her a hug saying: I love you Mahira! Where had you went for this long? I missed you so much.
Girl pushes Azad and putting her hands on her hair, says: excuse me? Who’s Mahira! I’m Myra! You understand? You better understand!
Azad is shocked and goes near her: How can you say this? You are my Mahira! You are mine and only mine.
Myra gives him a tight slap across his face and screams: I’M MYRA.
Raj and Simran: Mr. Azad! I think you are mistaken. She is not Mahira not Myra. She is our daughter.
Azad stumbles and says: yes! You can’t be my Mahira! You can’t. My Mahira will never behave like this with me. Your face may resemble to Mahira’s but she was nothing like you. She was so innocent and childish and most importantly, she loved me so much. She loved me so much! So much! Saying this, he ran up the stairs!
Myra: what nonsense was he saying? Anyways! Mom and dad! Let’s go home. I don’t want to stay in this house for even a second now.
Khan Begum: Myra! I’m sorry from Azad’s behalf. He had gone through heart break that’s why reacting like this. And you look exactly like the girl who he loved.
Myra rolls her eyes and says: whatever.
Simran: I’m sorry Khan Begum, from Myra’s behalf.
Raj: please excuse us! We will leave now!
They start walking toward the car and as they get in, Myra was teary eyes.
Simran wipes off Myra’s tears and says: what’s wrong beta?
Myra: nothing mom! Lets hurry up and go home fast.
Raj drives off the car.
The screen freezes on Azad’s crying and Myra’s tensed face.

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  1. Mind blowing episode. …. I think Mahira is suffering from major memory loss. . I hope azira will unite. … luv ed it 🙂

    1. Thanks Sunehri…you’ll find out soon on next episode?

  2. 8 really loved it especially azad ‘ s dialogues at first ….. and plz unite azira. … love u loads

    1. Don’t worry Aroob, i will unite them after few episodes…thank you

  3. Awesome

    I missed u soooo much u know wt I daily check it ff whether u replied or not. Oh GOd I was dying. Wts ur real name bestie. Cutie

    1. Hey do u watch swaragini and tashan e ishq

    2. My real name is Yamuna, Keira…and i missed you moree more and more!! I do watch Tashan E Ishq and Swaragini! Thank you for commenting dear…

  4. I really love your episodes

    1. Thank you Nafeesa for commenting on my ff…

  5. Update the next episode also … I’m eagerly waiting

    1. I will update tonight dear…

  6. Priya tripathi

    Good episode i think she is mahira n doing act

    1. You’ll find out soon Priya! Thank you…

  7. awww nice episode

    1. Thanks alot Joycelyn…

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