Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 20

Where are you Kiera? By the way, I’m really sorry that some of you guys are not liking my ff. I try my best to make it good, but I just failed to interest some people on here. I’m really sorry…

The scene begins with Khan Begum being shocked by Mahira’s confession.
Khan Begum to herself: ohh no! I was so closed to achieving my goal and now, this new problem appear. I can’t discuss this in here.
Khan begum drags Mahira’s hand while Mahira screams in pain. Kainat passes by and ask: ammi…where are you taking Bhabhi? Kb keeps on going ignoring her.

Khan Begum ask Mahira to sit in car, just then some goons come and teases Mahira.
1p: give me all you jewelries.
Mahira: no I won’t…who are you guys?
2p: give it or else…
Mahira: or else what? I’m not scared of you guys!!!
Khan Begum: Mahira! Don’t waste your time talking to these cheap people…
Kb forcefully pushes Mahira in the car.

Khan begum’s residence
Kainat goes running to Azad and says: Azad bhai…ammi was dragging mahira and she took her somewhere. I don’t know where.
Azad: what? Where did she go?
Kainat: I don’t know bhaiya…
Azad: I have to go..
Amad comes and says: I will come with you bhaijaan!
Azad: nahi. You stay here and handle things, I will go alone.

On road
Khan begum is driving really harshly while Mahira keeps pleading her to tell her where they are going.
On the other hand, the goons who had teased Mahira are following kb’s car on their bikes.
3p: how dare they talk back to us?
1p: lets finish them all off and take their jewelries.
2p: hahahahaha

Azad’s car
Azad to himself: I don’t know where ammi took Mahira. I feel like something bad is going to happen. No!!! Azad! Stop thinking negatively. Everything will be alright.

Khan begum turns her car to an isolated place and finally stops. There was no one there. It was so quiet that they could hear each other’s heart beat.
Mahira cries: where did you got me?
Khan begum: how did you saw the pictures in my secret room? And why did you even went in there? Saying this, she puts her hand on her own head being tensed.
Mahira: because I had seen you talking to yourself and you looked tensed so I thought to solve your problem.
Khan begum: I’m not in problem…infact I was really happy because you and Azad were about to get married today and my dream would finally come true. I would have had got what I wanted! I would have had got my pow… she stops herself midway.
Mahira: what? So you have your own selfish reason behind getting my and Azad’s marriage!!! I thought you were in problem and was worrying about you but no!! You are so selfish.
Khan begum yells: yes!!! I’m selfish. So what? Can you name any person who is not selfish in this world?
Mahira: you…. Before she could finish her sentence, the goons who were following them comes and attack on her. 1p grabs Mahira’s hand while the 2p puts knife around Khan Begum’s neck.
3p: you had said that you were not scared of me right? Where did all your confidence went?

Azad is still driving his car being tensed, just then he sees Khan Begum’s car parked and turns toward the isolated place…

Isolated place
2p: you had dared to talk back to me…now she what I will do.
He takes out knife from his pocket and gets ready to stab Mahira.
Khan begum: please don’t do this. We will give you anything. Leave her.
2p: even you are here. What had you said again? You don’t talk to cheap people right? Then stop interfering in my work.
2p puts his hand behind his elbow and moves his hand forward really fast to give Mahira a fatal blow. Mahira screams: noooooo! Both of them get shocked. As the screen zooms out, there was Azad holding the knife between them and bloods were floating down from his hands. 1p and 3p come and hold Azad from behind and start beating him.
Mahira screams: no. Please don’t beat him. I will do anything…leave him! He is my life!
Azad somehow over powers the goons and an big fight sequence occurs between Azad and the goons.
2p looks at Mahira lovingly while Mahira gets scared. She starts moving backward step by step.
Khan begum gets her phone and gets on to calling the police.
Azad gives a punch to 1p several times and he falls on the ground being unconscious.
Mahira is still moving backward…
Azad and 3p are fighting and finally after much time he too falls on the ground unconscious and he still keeps on beating the goons in anger.
As Mahira is moving backward, her flip-flops breaks one of the bricks and as she starts falling , she moves her hand really fast to save herself. Mahira screams: AZAD!! Just then police arrives. Azad runs to Mahira and as he reaches there to catch her, his hand touches her hand and the last word she said was: I love you. Mahira falls down from the hill smiling sadly. (Humari adhuri kahani plays…)
Khan begum thinks: ohh noo! Mahira fell down from the hill…there is no chance that she would I will never be able to get my power back and starts crying.

Azad doesn’t know how to react. He keeps on looking down the hill and is in shock. He bends down in his knees and screams: MAHIRA!!!!!! MAHIRA!!! His voice was echoing because it was all quiet. All he could see in front of his eyes was Mahira falling down from the hill.
Azad breaks down into uncontrollable tears and says: I love you more Mahira…



I won’t be able to write this ff for few days as i think that you guys are not liking my fan fiction, so i will work on how to end this ff and i will need some time to think about it. Sorry if i disappointed you guys…i will continue writing in about a week.

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    1. I’m kind of busy these days and i don’t think i will be able to continue it…I’m sorry!

  3. I love your ff please don’t end it

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    1. Yes Kiera!! Of course i missed you. I thought you were mad at me because u didn’t comment on ff for past few episodes so i was scared. Anyways thanks you for commenting dear…love you more

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