Mahira and Azad (unique love story) episode 2


Thanks to Fatarajo, Ranaji, Sam, Sunehri, Sahima, Inu, Twinkle, Meghs, Kavi, Shanaz and all the silent readers. And really really sorry I couldn’t reply to any of the comments on the previous episode, I was little busy. One more thing, I decided to call Azad and Mahira’s pair Azhira because it got more votes. Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings.

Khan begum residence
Kb: azad! Are you ok?
Azad: yes ammi jaan. Where is Amad?
Kb: he is with Mahira.
He got hurt by her words.
Kb to herself: how did Mahira got saved? Ek minute.. Why should I worry? Its my victory. I should celebrate.
Azad: ammi…you said something?
Kb: nahi beta.

Amad’s room
Mahira: I will get food for you.
Amad: nahi mahira. I don’t need anything, When you are with me.
Mahira: what!
Amad: kuch nahi. Joke tha
Mahira: alright, I will go. I’m sleepy.
She went, but then came back again.
Mahira: by the way, woh mera dialogue hai.
Amad burst into laughter and Mahira joined him. Azad was passing by and sees them laughing together.

Azad’s room
Azad to himself: Mahira is so innocent and cute. I wish she was mine, but I’m happy that she is happy with my brother. I wish I could go up to her and give her a tight hug and tell her how much I love her. I wish…

Mahira’s room
Mahira to herself: Azad saw me turning into stone, but didn’t do anything. Why does he hate me so much? I wish Azad had saved me instead of Amad. Why am I keep thinking about him? Am I in love with him? Wait..what’s wrong with me? I don’t love him. How can I? Yes. I don’t love him. Even if I did, would it make any difference? Me and him can never be together. (Mahira’s sad tune plays).

Azad goes to get water. And bumps into Mahira in the stairs. she is about to fall, but he holds her on time. They have an cute eyelock. (O mere o mere plays). Suddenly Azad sees the time that its 11:59pm. In a hurry he drops Mahira there and runs toward his room, while Amad comes and rescues her in nick of time.
Amad: are you ok, Mahira?
Mahira: why did you catch me?
Amad: Mahira!
Mahira ran toward her room crying and locked herself. Humari adhuri kahani played…


Credit to: Yamuna

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  1. I hope Mahizad confess their love soon 🙂

    1. Soon, they will, but you’ll have to wait.

    1. Thank u ranaji

  2. Fantastic episode waiting for the next one

    1. Thanku Sunehri

  3. Good going.

    1. Thank you Inu

  4. good yar… azhira should confess feelings

    1. Thanks Meghs

  5. I hope Ajaad Confees His luv for Mahira.waiting for next eppisode.

    1. Soon he will & I’ve submit my next episode. and idk why tellyupdate is taking So long to publish it.

  6. Hlo dear yamuna…nice starting but i think u shoud add some fight between azad n amad n also amad’s so called name “HULK” for azad n fight for afreen n mahira n plz add some funny fights between azad n mahira n jealous of sira n bano n also mahira’s word after them fight “Mr.khooni darinda” or ye itne akdu kyu h or chidate kyu h or unka dil kya patthar ka bana he etc. N sry if u feel bad from my suggetion ok..i told coz i really wish ur ff also become famous n loved by many one so……

    1. Yeah n one more think ur ff profile for azhira is very osm i loved it very much…

    2. No dear. Don’t say sorry, Actually i had totally forgotten about Amad calling Azad by hulk. And big big big thanks for your suggestion.

  7. The episode was fab. Ur ff is awesome.

    1. Thanku Sahima

  8. nice episode. Thanks dr using o mere o mere song. Waiting 4 ur nxt episode

    1. Thank you Kavi

  9. Gud going but add spice romance suspense in it

    1. Thanks Twinkle

  10. Awesome episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Thank you Roma. Love you 2

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